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...I'm in Accounts Payable and right now they won't let us pay anybody, so it's really more like "Accounts Hold-People-At-Arms-Length". It's absolutely making me crazy. What's the worst thing about you job?

-- Kymm (, June 14, 2000


Well, the worst thing about my -previous- job was being one of three men in an office of 18 women, most of whom were either a) mothers of children under six, b) pregnant, or c) suffering from miscarriages. This Culture of Pregnancy was inescapable, and I learned a lot more about vaginal itching, cramps, mood swings, etc., than I was comfortable knowing.

-- Robert (, June 14, 2000.

working down the hall from a Mormon mission office and looking like a guy (but I'm *nooooot*) means that every single time I go to the women's bathroom, I traumatize some poor woman in a near-ankle length skirt.

And if I go to the men's room, I'll traumatize my boss and atleast two coworkers.

Bathrooms are just not periodic inconveniences; it's a daily headache.

-- Tynan Power (, June 14, 2000.

I work for a staffing agency (temporary help company). The same people will come in or call everyday and say "What kinda jobs you got?". When I finally offer them something they say "No, you got anything else?". I want to scream at these people, I want to tell them they are NOT going to get a white coller job making $25 per hour. They have no skills, no education, and worst of all no ambition. I was even told once by a woman that her children were starving because I couldn't find her a job. I almost walked right the hell out of that door that very minute. Oh, I could go on and on....

-- Amy T. (, June 14, 2000.

The worst part about any job in the theatre is working with a director.

Now mind you, without one the costumes would clash against the set that would be poorly lit in blues and purples and the box office would only be open for a half hour every day. All the actors would be doing the show (if they were all doing the same show) in different styles. There would be at least two major dialect differences and one actor you couldn'thear (though this can happen WITH a director in educational theatre.) Without the director, there would be no single vision and unless you hold to the notion that Chaos Theory can resolve itself in two acts, the show would suck.

But no one can cramp your style quite like a director can. You will never hear the words, "No. I don't like that," more often in your life.

-- Jackie (, June 14, 2000.

Um, I live in constant fear of being killed and eaten by mental patients...

-- Rob Rummel-Hudson (, June 14, 2000.

Okay, I think Rob wins this one. Although I have the same fear, but only because I live in New York.

And Jackie, the worst thing about my job as a director is those damn actors not doing what I want them to do!

-- Kymm Zuckert (, June 14, 2000.

I really like my job, so the main thing that sucks about it is that I'm losing it in three months because they're moving my work to New York. OK, so the area of town my building is in gives me a little of that killed and eaten fear myself. One thing I will not miss when I move on.

-- Catherine (, June 14, 2000.

The absolute worse thing about my job is the unpredictability of it.

Sometimes I have work, sometimes I don't. Sometimes I'm cranky and exhausted from too much of it, and other times cranky and anxious because there isn't enough of it. (When you find yourself going through the sofa cushions looking for enough change to buy a box of tampons, it's safe to say there hasn't been quite enough giggage...)

Makes it really hard to budget when you don't know how much you're going to make in any given month, let alone year.

File under "the joys of freelance".

-- Cameron (, June 14, 2000.

Decision by committee. I suppose it's just the nature of this particular beast -- I work at a nonprofit professional association -- but the unwillingness to make a decision without checking with everyone under the sun just drives me nuts. If I want to move something off the home page, I practically have to submit the request in triplicate. I feel that they hired me to do the job, and they should trust my judgment about such things. Too often things don't get done because decisions about them get hung up in committee.

-- Laura (, June 14, 2000.

The thing I most detest about my job is that I support a dead-end software product manufactured by a company that no longer exists. The loathing is in the details-- the bugs that I can't fix, that will never be fixed; the limitations of the product and of the configurations in which it runs; the hacking all to hell of said configurations by the frustrated customers still trying to run the product; the customers' frustrations, and my helplessness in the face thereof....

On the other hand, my job does have a fairly low killed-and- eaten quotient.

-- Michael (, June 14, 2000.

The constant fear of being eaten and killed by an account executive. But mental patients have scarier fingernails, so I think Rob wins anyway.

I work for a newswire that's rabid about customer service, and the account executives hover to make sure each and every one of us editors are absolutely marvelous and perfect at all times. This would not be so difficult if our clients weren't such knee- biting, monkey-sucking, pig-diddling sonsuvbitches with the most overinflated senses of entitlement outside of oh, Ivanka Trump. If we are not pleasant and lovely and twinkly to all our clients, our account executives start to get very, very angry. You don't want to be in the same office building as an angry AE.

So there's that. There's also the phones. They never stop ringing. Ring ring ring. Ring. Ring ring ring. Ring. Ring ring ring. Ring. I hear it in my sleep. Seriously. I answer my phone at home with my company's name.

I'm starting to get really upset about that.

-- Jen (, June 14, 2000.

The very real possibility that, at any given time, I might be forced to participate in a conversation with a consultant.

Consultants are scary people. I'm not talking about computer consultants, or Human Resources consultants, or consultants who come in and actually do something for your company.

No, I work with nebulous, not-sure-what-they-do consultants. And they're scary.

Been at this job for 8 months, and I still don't know what my company does.

I hope to leave in the same state of blissful ignorance.

-- Patrick (, June 14, 2000.

Kymm, one of the worst things about my job is dealing with people like you, who won't pay! There is nothing that pisses me off like not being able to collect for work done.

Let's see, what else: ignorant people who continually question my actions and refuse to just accept that my way is right; stupid, backbiting corporate politics where I'm brought in to do a job but no one will actually provide the information that I need, because of obscure machinations of which I'm unaware (also because I couldn't care less, truthfully); working 20+ hours a day and becoming increasingly impoverished; lack of appreciation in general; unrealistic deadlines... all told, I'm not liking very much at all about my job(s) these days. Bleh.

-- Dawn (, June 15, 2000.

I also live in fear of being killed and eaten by insane persons, but the difference is that my insane persons have already been convicted of at least one felony. Sometimes an icky one.

So there's that.

But that's probably the best part of my job, because at least it's interesting. The worst thing is the administrative drudgery, the petty politics, the paperwork, the stultifying boredom, and the people who are equally unhappy so they just lock themselves in their offices and never come out to say hello.

So yeah, the crazy violent people are definitely the best thing about my job.

-- Beth (, June 15, 2000.

I have the best job I've had in a long time, probably as good a job as is out there, in my field, and I chafe in it.

We have flex time, no dress code, I'm well-paid, my co-workers are congenial, our old bossman left and the acting manager is laid back, a sort of an interim form-signer, our last layoff is several months in the past, our next layoff is several months away, we'll probably get a sizable bonus this year, the ones who make the cut, and I don't like work.

What's the matter with me? I put things off, I get behind, I worry, I feel guilty.

I am afraid of being sacked.

Nicolas Freeling said, in The Kitchen, a person who wants to be a writer, who has a perfectly good job, will leave it for a worse job, in the hopes that doing so will get him closer to being a writer.

It won't. You jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire.

I just took a two-day workshop, on company time, on career development planning. I just read Larry Woiwode's memoir, What I Think I Did, which ends with him publishing What I'm Going To Do, I Think, and thinking, I'm launched.

I'm screwed. If that's what it takes--a mentor, networking, writing what the market wants--I'm sunk. Stuck. Mired in earwax and black bile.

Put that in your online journal and watch people run for the exits, holding their nose and retching. Hitting the Back key. Telling you to give it a rest.

I asked IBM to let me write stuff like this for my job, and when they said no, I quit. That was 15 years ago.

In my letter of resignation, which I kept in my desk, and updated, weekly, I said, "This job is too big a waste of my time." It was, too. I had just inherited a paid-for house, my wife had a job, with decent benefits, the thought occurred, Why don't I stay at home and write the Great American Novel. Take out a line-of-credit home equity loan, on the house.

That was two houses and two house trailers and an apartment (and half a dozen jobs, and half a dozen spells of unemployment) ago. Many, many unpublished, or underpublished books ago.

I'm thinking, Maybe this book it will be different. Maybe something has changed out there.

Hope springs eternal. Don't quit your day job, boys.

And don't passive-aggressively contrive to be fired.

Cross the t's and dot the i's. Apply yourself.

Soldier on.

"You're born, you learn something to do, you work, you die," Ornette Coleman says.

Keep a journal after work instead of watching television, The Sole Proprietor says.

-- Jack Saunders, The Daily Bugle (, (, June 15, 2000.

I just started at a new job in May, taking over as the WebTrends Guy, aka The Job that Nobody Wants. I'm the fifth person to be handed this job; the first two went to training, created some stuff, said thanks for the training and left. The third one got no training, stepped in, finished setting everything up and washed his hands of the project. The fourth guy got no training, saw that there was no documentation, no project plans, nothing except some monolithic Thing humming in the back of the warehouse kicking out reports, and refused to touch it unless somebody told him what all the buttons and lights meant.

So, there is no organization, no planning, no structure, haphazardly inconsistent, repetitive, and counterintuitive naming conventions, and I'm The Guy holding the hot potato.

The other thing which was a pain until the weather turned hot was the server room, which they keep at about 45 degrees. I'm wearing a winter coat to work. People look at me funny, so that makes up for a lot.

-- Colin (, June 15, 2000.

I'm the only where I woek who can do what I do - which means mobile phone on 24 hourse a day, callouts at the *most* awkward time possible. No consideration about the fact that I have a life outside work - although to be fair if I have to go in I do get paid - which is unusual in a salaried postion.
The bane of my working life though are two male engineers who keep trying to contradict me or belittle me. Which is ridiculous as they know less then nothing about what I do. The joys of being a female engineer ... in my experience there's always a guy who hates realising that a woman may know more about something then he does. Sigh

-- Caoimhe (, June 15, 2000.

I dislike talking on the phone, which can be a problem for a journalist.

For those of you staying at jobs you hate, why? In an economy like this one, I mean.

-- Joy (, June 16, 2000.

I hate my job. I was displaced from another position into a customer service postion handling mortgage calls for people with bad credit. Let me just say these people have bad credit for a resaon, they dont pay thier bills. They dont take responsibility for there own actions and call to blame it on us, the mortgage company. These people call to make the most rediculus requests and then scream explicatives and profane names at us all day because we cant let them skip a house payment because its thier childs birthday, or they are pissed off that we reported them to the credit bureau for "forgetting" to pay thier payments for 3 months (i'm serious, they really do this). I get called a bitch because I cant get them the requested documents that minute when they are housed in a secured fault for their own protection. They do not understand that no, the files are not sitting on my desk, there are hundreds of thousands of them and unfortunately, theirs it will have to be ordred. The people I talk to are rude, beligerant, obnoxious, and sometimes just plain mean, but yet I am expected to stay sweet and nice and even cordial when they are calling me a "stupid ignorant slut" (mr attorney looking for that lien release, you know who you are)! I make pretty good money and the benefits are great, but somehow every morning when i wake to get ready for work, that feeling of dred takes over and I find myself trying to make up excuses to stay home and clean the cat litter pan or something. I am not a stupid ignorant slut, i am not a bitch, i am not out to give anyone a hard time, i am here to do my job for 8 hours a day so i can pay my bills. i am not here to be abused by you because you cant have your way. If i could fix all of your problems immediately, do you really think i would be working cust service? oh, and one more thing, I dont care how quiet you are trying to be, WE KNOW WHEN YOU ARE CALLING FROM YOUR BATHROOM!!!!!!!

-- teresa (, February 14, 2001.

I like my job well enough except...

I have no walls. Our "cubicles" are wall-free. I can see everyone and they can see me. The guy sitting next to me has an awful cold and the noises are appalling. Everyone can hear me when I'm on the phone with the gynecologist's office unless I take my cel phone outdoors to make the call. (We don't have "quiet rooms".) If someone is holding a meeting at their desk near mine, I can't focus at all ... and I don't like wearing headphones, since music is distracting to me too.

I've told myself to deal with it until April-ish and then I'm hoping to find a way to be moved into another cubicle, if this is still a problem. Some of the cubicles are more secluded than mine, which faces an open meeting area.

I miss my walls, I do. I'd like to smack the person who thought an "open workspace" was a good thing. Bleah.

-- Jette (, February 15, 2001.

my boss is a micromanaging, over-bearing, condescending, power-needy, tyrannical bitch.

-- sabrina (, February 20, 2001.

We get timed when we go to the bathroom...I think micromanaging might be contagious...

-- teresa (, March 03, 2001.

I am a student working at a "bowlerama" and I constantly incounter transexuals, crossdressers, ugly hick women, and a fucking fatass boss who tells me to get off my ass and work (although Im the only one who does)because he dosen't pay me to take a break after six hours of work. First he pays me 5 cents from minimum wage second The place is haunted. cool eh?

-- Jake Steed (, March 04, 2001.

...because I'm just an intern making $85 dollars a week in NYC, so I have to choose between grocery shopping and laundry every week and not only do I make shit money but I get shit on as well. Is a simple "hello" or "thank you" too hard for some people? Even when I say hello it's like I'm inconvienicing them in some way. And I can't leave because I'm an intern which means I AM PAYING THEM TO WORK HERE!!!

-- Jessica Johnson (, April 25, 2001.

the worst part about working in corporate america is dealing with IT support personnel who are supposed to be experts in a specific system BUT they're totally , completely unqualified!! The pretense that comes out of their mouths is almost audible and certainly nauseating. to top it off, they ask insulting questions like: "Is the plug loose?" and after 5p.m., they leave the office, leaving only a beeper number, which, after you beep, they don't call back! and oh yeah, many of them feel they're the creme de la creme of humanity!! IN WHAT WAY??? because you graduated Columbia? if you're ivy educated but you don't know how not to be condescending, then you're an ivy educated condescending computer geek. plain and simple. oh, and the NUMBER ONE worst part is having to deal with a whole new crew of these nerds every 6 months. let's see, for me, that would be 10 different crews in my 5 years on the job [as a paralegal]. PURE HELL

-- alex alex (, April 29, 2001.

IT folks in lawfirms suck. I am in the office on a Sunday night, preparing for trial on Monday. I beeped the effin IT group one hour ago. The only response has been "I can't support that, let me see if I can find someone to help you." Bite me, I am going home. They can answer to the managing partner tomorrow.

-- carmen (, April 29, 2001.

I hate my job for many, many reasons. I work for a health insurance company as a medical claims examiner. This is the most mindless, efforless, brain-numbing job on the planet. It takes *NO* effort because the computer system calculates everything. All I have to do is basically press "enter" 240 times a day. I have been there 2 years and the only reason I have stayed for 2 years is because they paid for my college tuition. I just graduated with my Bachelors degree in May and NO ONE in my office acknowledged it. To this day my boss does not even know that I graduted. They care, right? NOT! The peaks and valleys of workload is terrible. One month we have so much work we have to work manditory overtime to catch up. The very next month we have so little to do they have to send people home. Most of the people I work with are high school dropouts with a GED (good enough degree) with zero ambition and zero work ethic. They want everything handed to them with as little effort on their part as possible. One day I paid an exceptionaly high number of claims and instead of them telling me "way to go" they said "there is no way you could have paid that many claims and paid them correctly." Nice. I cringe everytime I see my boss come up to my desk because he *always* has something derogatory to say..."you need to stay out of your e-mail"; "you need to work on your quality"; "you need to work on your attendance". No "happy birthday" on my last 2 birthdays. No "congrats" when I graduated from college last month. No "I'm sorry" when I lost not one, but 2 grandfathers in a time span of 13 months. I work for the worst company on earth and when I quit, I will come back here and tell you their name.

-- Rae (, June 07, 2001.

Another thread back from the grave thanks to the modern miracle of search engines. I did find this remark from Joy, made this time last year, to be chuckleworthy:

"For those of you staying at jobs you hate, why? In an economy like this one, I mean."

About half my friends have been laid off in the last six months. Easy come, easy go.

I'd talk about my current assignment, but since I am about to sign off with my real name, that would be unwise. I do like my job when I can manage to hassle four departments' worth of people for long enough to generate enough work to fill my mandatory eight-hour day, because otherwise the pressure of attempting to look busy in an open-plan office with the vice-president sitting ten feet behind my left shoulder with a clear view of my computer screen is absolutely nerve-wracking.

The vice-president of the corporation, that is. Not the United States. That would be nerve-wracking as well, though.

-- Kim Rollins (, June 08, 2001.

well right now i'm kinda' annoyed at my new boss cause she seems to be very insecure and shes running everything, i mean every little thing, that she does past me first, like she needs my approval. hey, if i'd wanted her job i woulda' applied for it when the previous boss retired.

-- nicolemrw (, June 08, 2001.

My job sucks because I work in a small office with two men and myself and this one guy, I think he eats burritos and beans and anything else that gives you gas every friggin night of the week for supper because he belches (and I mean belches) AND farts all freakin day long. One day WAAAHAHAHHAA I actually asked him "what the hell have you been eating" and then I just about keeled over laughing because I can't believe I've gotten to the point in my frustration level that I could be that rude without even batting an eye. I need a new job.

-- Disgusted woman (, June 19, 2001.

I used to work some of the above dead-end, piece-of-crap service jobs. They all came with the cubicle, the menopausal mid-level boss, the butt-kissing co-worker, the catty secretarial pool, you name it. So I made a move two years ago I thought would be fool-proof: I got a job at a non-profit, namely, at a church. It's had its benefits - since the pastor is part-time I basically pace yourself, and I have my own office with real walls. As for the pay in a church job, well, you can't make payments on a Lexus, but you won't starve to death either. And the job security's second-to-none: you'd have to really, really try to get fired, like do a pressed-fruit-bowl during Mass or something like that. The part that sucks - and makes me write this in between editing resumes - is the people in the parish, who make the "personalities" in the office seem like angels by comparison. The school principal is having a hot affair with one of the buck-yahoo bricklayer volunteers, who channels his guilt by verbally abusing the others. The individual groups bicker. The old folks bicker even more. The facilities person whines - in between drags of her Kool Filter Kings - that she can't do her job because her husband doesn't pay enough attention to her. Communication is near zero, morale is near bottom, and the pastor is too busy with his other job - polishing the Archbishop's shoes - to care or to do anything effective. It's like "Harper Valley PTA" has come to life with everything but Barbara Eden. Yep, looks like I'll be giving up religion for Lent!

-- Marco (, June 19, 2001.

The stupid bitches I have to share a building with.

The ones that run back and forth between their desks whispering shit to each other and giggling. all. day. long.

I don't work for a newspaper, I work in a fucking jr. high school.

-- Renee (, June 21, 2001.

Wow. After reading this thread, I am thinking of going in to work tomorrow (a Sunday) just because I am so happy with my job right now. Granted, this may have something to do with the fact that in less than three months I am moving to Scotland for graduate school and therefore I don't have a "I have to do this for the rest of my life?!" mentality; but even so. I work 3.5 days a week, no one watches over my shoulder to see whether I am taking a few extra minutes at lunch, I pretty much get to do projects which, though not always fascinating, are to be done at my own pace, my boss just gave me a $40 wallet simply because I looked at it when it was sitting on his desk, I get to wear jeans and nice t-shirts to work, I like everyone I work with (well, one person I'm neutral about, but I'm not annoyed by her), and I'm a block from a great public library.

Drawbacks? I could make more money, sure. I could maybe not be the general phone number that's given out when anyone phones with anything at all to do with a legal question (half the time it isn't even for the law department, much less my section). The jerk who stole all my candy could maybe apologize for it in person. But, hell, I've been reading this forum and counting my blessings. I've worked plenty of crappy jobs in my time, though, so I pray this is some kind of employment karma that is finally going my way.

-- Dorothy Rothschild (, June 23, 2001.

Is it legal to have a midlife crisis when your not quite 30 yet?

I can't even muster the energy to hate my job. Corporate America blows ass. I'm surrounded by inept people who waste hours covering their ass and hiding from work. No real decisions get done without 30 hours of committe time, and I'm not even high enough to be in the committee. So I don't know about things I am supposed to be doing until after they are in effect.

I work in IT support. We don't own the computers, the departments do. We don't have a budget for training, that's not needed though, all of our systems and software are so old they can barely power my son's Lego toys. Finance companies just stink. The penny pinchers are still forcing users to work on 486's, and I work for a HUGE financial interest. Think about that the next time you get a loan, it could have been processed on a computer that is older than the sum of my children's ages.

I think I might have sold my soul for this paycheck and benefits. My wife is pregnant so I'm trying to hold out until delivery time.

Until then I keep thinking of my youth and how I dreamed of leaving the small town for the City(tm). Boy was I wrong. Right now I keep thinking "I could have been a park ranger." Crappy pay. Crappy benefits. Spend my life outdoors fucking around with plants and animals.


-- Grimwell (, September 27, 2001.

I would leave this crappy ass job if he economy didn't suck so bad. I only took this job b/c I got laid off from a GREAT company that I was devestated to leave. I'm getting a paycheck but making cold calls to rude-ass-think-their-better-than-god HR people SUCKS.

I have now found a new enjoyment when I am on hold for 1/2 hour only to have a person come on and tell me they'd hope I'd hang up. I HATE THIS JOB AND I WANT MY OLD ONE BACK!!!

Don't join a staffing agency. They are awful to work for. You get no respect. I miss respect.

-- Amy (, October 10, 2001.

Well, I work as a security guard at a snobby (I'm-better-than-you) Countryclub(golf course, tennis courts etc. etc.). Every little stereotype you've ever heard about security guards are true. Yes we are lazy, will sleep on the job (if we can get away with it) & most are fat. Actually as security guard jobs go (most are horrible by the way) , this isnt too bad a job. I basically just have to show up, wait for about an hour till everyone is gone, then basically babysit a giant, decrepid old building ,knowing that at any minute some crack-head off the street just might have broken into the building & is waiting to kill me. This building has no alarm , so if anyone broke into one end of the building i would never know. I am not allowed to carry a gun (but i do anyway because i will be damned if im gonna die for these rich pricks!!!!). The only thing that makes this job somewhat bearable is that i am left alone. I NEVER see my boss (thank god!!!!). BUT, i have hours & hours of complete boredom!!!!! So i usually watch TV, surf the internet(with my own laptop....I am typing this now at work), occasionally sleep (but only when im very tired because it completely wrecks my sleeping cycle),& use a metal detector on the golf course( I have found quite a few silver coins....the oldest being from 1893, some silver jewelry, one 14 KT wedding ring,about 200 dollars in modern coins & a ton of trash). Mindnumbing boredom & the constant battle against insanity (i've been here 6 years now)is what i don't like about my job. I need to find an online job i can do while im here at work lol. And the pay here is low. For all you employers out there!!!!!....If you pay little you are going to get little in return. Believe me....if i were paid a decent wage i would care more about my job. Ah well could be worse.

-- j (, October 18, 2001.

my job sucks,,but at least its work

-- loser b broke (, October 30, 2001.

My job doesn't seem too hard. You sit on your ass for five to eight hours a night in front of a computer screen for $6.75. I work for an Outsource company in a small town in West Texas. I work in the America Online technical support department. I take calls every night trying to help America Online members fix problems with their software.

First of all, I have to deal with the public. This is not an easy thing because the majority of the people who call in are new to using computers. Since I am doing this on the phone, I can't really see what's on their screen. It is like the blind leading the blind.

Then I have to deal with angy ignorant customers. I try to explain to them what is going on, but most of them don't want to listen. If they insult you, you can't say anything to them. "You must keep a smile in your voice."

Another thing in "technical support" is that you have to keep an average call length of 7:10 (minutes). Instead of encouraging us to fix the customers' problems, we are told, in a polite way, to give them a possible solution and get them off the phone. And while we're at it, throw a sales pitch at them, after being told when we were originally hired that we are NOT telemarketers.

If the customers try to call us, they have to wait anywhere between five and forty-five minutes to reach us because AOL decided that they were going to pull the plug on one outsource company. So if the member has to call back, they are inconvenienced.

If we actually go out and try to help these people, our average call length (also known as "Call Time" or "Call Control") rises. If that rises, the supervisors complain and eventually, a paper trail (write- ups and, eventually, termination) gets started on that agent, all because we actually try to help the AOL members.

When this call center first opened up, we had the option of warning the members three times and hanging up on them if they were abusive. That changed about three months later. Now, we are supposed to sit there and take it or give it to a coach (immediate supervisor) and let them take it instead of working on more important things.

Also, when the place first started up, when had a second level of support. They were called RSTs (ReSource Technitions). If we, the floor agents, got stuck on a problem, we could call them up for help. If we were on a call too long, we could transfer the memebers to them so our coaches wouldn't gripe about our call time. Of coarse that is when our call time goal was 7:30. Our "wonderful" upper management decided that we didn't need them anymore, so they pulled the plug on that department, and later, they dropped the call time goal by twenty seconds, expecting us too be able to do it. So far, we are failing miserably.

Another thing, we have statistic on the quality of our calls. I won't say much on this, but I would like to let it be known that we don't spen an extra few seconds on a call, the members will be misled by our surveys that we send out on each agent that they talk too. The way the email survey is worded, it mostly seems like AOL is asking for their thoughts on Customer Support in general, when it actually pertains to that specific agent.

This job sucks so bad. Let me give you another idea on how it sucks. Our turn-over rate is so bad that the entire call center is totally re-staffed every six months, management and all. If you are a good coach or manager, StarTek (the company I work for) will screw you over in some way, usually by firing you or by forcing you to resign.

Dealing with customer support is a tough job anyway, I should know. But it seems to me that this company just adds to it. You may not being doing back breaking labor, but you still come home exhausted.

-- Robert Lovelady (, January 20, 2002.

I work in a government job that actually has some important functions. My co-worker, whom I must sit next to all day, does everything but work. She spent the entire month of December cyberdating on Udate, 8 am-5pm M-F. When she's not cyberdating, she's simultaneously emailing her boyfriend, instant messaging her relatives (or maybe some prospective boyfriends) and taking personal phone calls from all of the above plus all her kids, mother, insurance agent, etc., etc. She keeps a "window" open on her computer that looks like a work project so if someone comes by, she can quickly switch over to the "project" and they won't see her messaging. This same babe thinks I ought to drive her kids around when it's not convenient for her (and doesn't even offer gas money), but if I do something nice for her and she gets the chance to return the favor, she screws me over instead! Get this: she is responsible for petty cash, but she feels she can't be troubled to keep track of all the transactions, so at the end of the month in order to make the financial report balance, she has to *make up* transactions!!! This has been going on since we got a new boss who is never around and so doesn't see what's going on, and without supervision she has just gone out of control. We were friends until these behaviors began and now I just watch her in annoyance and disbelief as I do my work and a lot of her work, too. I will be sorry to leave this job because it could be a really a great place to work. But I will be glad to get out of our cubicle-that-has-become a loony bin.

-- della street (, January 24, 2002.

I work for the local City and County government in a customer service position. Can you dream up a more laughable combination? Everything you have heard is true. Basically if any City or County agency fucks up and pisses someone off (and they do with the certainty of the grave) I answer for it. Anything. They monitor phone calls and as soon as I hang up I you get bitched at for what I did or did not say. If your garbage can gets turned over they swear at me. If the Mayor says something stupid they swear at me. But there is compensation - a whopping $20,000 bucks a year to answer that phone and get sworn at for other people's mistakes about a hundred times a day. No one in here can get another job either. No matter what I study, what certifications I get, (MCSE, A+, ad nauseam - I'm the office computer support guy), no matter who I meet and network with, no matter what, you never can leave this place. I'm going to die in this shit hole. I'm going to wake up one day 70 years old and say in my wheezy voice "Gee I sure want a real job" and then it'll be too late. At least maybe I can die then. I didn't ask for this life and I hate it.

-- Come, now... (, February 01, 2002.

I used to work in Tech Support. I had a customer that needed a software update, and a brain transplant. Every time I e-mailed the file, it got rejected because this dumb company didn't allow attachments to be sent. The cliend didn't have access to the internet to download the file, so after trying 101 different ways to transmitting the file and failing, the client finaly asked "can't you just fax it?"

-- B.E. (, April 01, 2002.

My job sucks ass because I have wanted to become an exotic belly dancer since a child, but I got stuck in the software industry and have been scared to show my true feelings ever since. I am an important person in Detroit, however, I feel inadequate in my job field. I am scared that everyone will find out I don't know my face from my ass, which is pretty much the truth. I have been able to keep my current position because Chris. B makes me pull his trousers down every morning before our conference calls.

-- Diky Boy Coy (, May 06, 2002.

My job sucks because I have wanted to become an exotic belly dancer since a child, but I got stuck in the software industry and have been scared to show my true feelings ever since. I am an important person in Detroit. I have been able to keep my current position because Chris. B makes me pull his trousers down every morning before our conference calls.

-- Richard Coy (, May 06, 2002.

My security-guard job BITES because I was very happy at my previous post, and got kicked out because I didn't rat on a fellow guard. This other guard had brought in a disk with jpg images (a variety of items) that were mostly harmless G-rated pix. He popped it into the guard desk browser. Some were porn, though, and he carelessly brought one up just before one of the lady employees walked by and saw it. She complained to the client's security liaison about the violation. The next day, I was called into the liaison's office and accused of CONDONING my co-worker's actions. Because I didn't tell the guard supervisor that this violation had taken place, I was guilty-by-association. Both I and the other guard were transferred to a different post --- surprisingly, just at the far OPPOSITE end of the previous post's parking lot! I'll only identify the previous post by their slogan: "The fastest way to send money worldwide."

-- Randy Boyer (, July 08, 2002.

If you think your job sucks, try killing rabbitts in a science lab for a living.

-- B B (, July 08, 2002.

my job sucks because im a tech for earthlink it pays decent so thats good, I have to talk to retards all day, and fix there problems, i have head some of the stupidist people on this plane, people that shouldnt even own computers, i have some advice for people out there, dont ever work in tech support is a world of mental anguish that forces you mind and soul to the deepest, anger and rage that it will ever come too, i have learned that this world is full of idiots, and its my job to fix there computers,DAMN IT SUX BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-- Todd Buck (, July 11, 2002.

my job sucks ass majorly because i have to deal with hundreds of calls about the same exact thing from the stupidest people in the nation... it's so repetitive i can do the job while reading, drawing, talking to my neighbors... i work in the call center of a famous national television listings weekly...

all friggin day, it's calls from angry people-"why didn't i get my book yet?" (ask the post office-we don't care!) "matlock is on at 7 pm, but the book says it's on at 6 pm!" (people will call several times a day, every single day for every single misprint or typo... perfect evidence that tv causes brain-rot. turn if off, you'll be happier!) "it says four payments on my bill, how much would the total be?" (use a calculator! or, better yet, what DID you learn in second grade math class, anyways?) one time, i got reamed for 15 minutes by someone who announced himself as "Hitler" and wanted the address for our CEO. ha. haha. all because he was too dumb to actually figure out for himself how to read our book. another time, i apologized for some crotchety old hag's problem, cuz i get reprimanded if i don't apologize for everything, and she started screaming at me about how i wasn't sorry.

my coworkers are hell, too. at least the pay is fair. but it's so monotonous. no mental stimulation at all... and for some reason, we have a fairly strict dress code. we work behind walls, answering phones all day. we have no face-to-face contact with anyone outside of the call center (the rest of our company's employees are allowed to dress like hookers and they do half as much work. go figure...)

oh well, it beats working at blockbuster.

-- mel (, August 13, 2002.

While I was in school, I worked for PR firm. I wrote proposals, pitched major media like CNN and 48 Hours, and provided coverage of the 2000 Republican Convention for an internet media source. After college graduation, I went to DC, worked on the Hill doing correspondence for a powerful Senator, and got my Master's in Public Communication from the respected School of Communication at American University. PR is my first interest, but due to an icky economy, I took a job as a "Production Associate" at an ad firm. Supposedly I work on technical printing specs and assist the production manager. In reality, the job has become steadily more demeaning since I started. My tasks have increased, my pay has not, I've worked weekends for no pay, currently we aren't allowed to have lunch or leave at quitting time without special clearance, multiple coworkers have quit and I'm picking up the slack so they don't have to hire anyone new and spend money, I can't pay my bills, I can't get a 2nd job because I never know when I'll be forced to work nights and weekends, and I have become the office bitch. I address envelopes, file, fax, and now am going to be the assistant receptionist. My boss basically whores me out to the rest of the agency like I'm property. Recently my services were offered to the ditzy 24 year old copywriter (I'm 23, better educated, smarter, and supposed to do secretarial tasks for her). They discuss me like I'm not there, saying things like "can i use your asssistant today?". This is tantamount to chattel slavery. So much for busting my ass in college and grad school, completing five professional internships, and bringing my creative portfolio to my interview. Now I have to be the assistant receptionist too. I get treated like shit, and not paid enough to live on. I want out of here NOW. I just want to go cry, but I'm not allowed to leave the building.

-- aaaaaiiiiiiiieeeeeeeee! frustrated (, August 29, 2002.


-- T FON (SOULFLIE26@HOTMAIL.COM), September 14, 2002.

I work in a dump of a hotel. I looks like a dump. It smells like a dump. Its in a dumpy neighborhood. and it only costs 28 dollars a night. (dump price)

People get all pissed about stuff that I have no control over(Mainly the general dumpiness)and act suprised that the place is a dump.

I hate guests.

-- john smith (, September 19, 2002.

I am the entire Human Resources Department for a 500+ employee company. No lie. Sux.

-- Slave Until (, November 12, 2002.

I quit smoking over a year ago and I don't see myself smoking again. I got a good job at a major casino in Vegas a few months ago where everybody smokes... everybody.

-- Lauren (, November 18, 2002.

I work at one of the local muffler shops. I am 46 yrs. old. I make $6.00 an hour. Big whoopie. I bust my ass all day every day so I can take home $200 friggin' dollars a week. Ya, my job sucks. If I ever win the lottery, I will buy the business, give every one 6 months severance pay, and raze the place, thus creating lovely green space. I hate my job. I hate the place. I hate the way they do business. I used to like working on cars, but now it sucks. Say it with feeling. MY JOB SUCKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-- Pat Kosto (, November 18, 2002.

My job sucks as well i work at wells fargo home mortgage answering phones.. the people call non stop and are a**holes. i average 120 - 130 calls a day.. get monitored on my quality to make sure i make a good robot for the company. i also have to say please and thank you to everything. im not allowed to hang up on a homeowner if they cuss, or threaten me in any way.. also its run by corporate swine.

-- Jay (, November 29, 2002.

My job sucks because all day long I have to help dumb Road Runner customers figure out how to use the Internet. If the Start button reached out a slapped these idiots they would still ask 'where is the Start button, hahahaha, I'm not very computer smart'. Come on... you only have to click the Start button every time you do anything on the computer.

-- Liz (, December 01, 2002.

My job sucks because....

I work in a disorganized and poorly run office full of catty women who spend most of the work day gossiping and verbally eviscerating people behind their backs. One minute they're chatting each other up and greeting everyone with a friendly hello, the next they're breaking up into pairs or groups of three for their little bash fests. I learned a long time ago to just play the quite part; do my job and reveal very little about myself to any of these creeps.

I would love to walk out of this damn place, but I have responsibilities that can't be ignored. So...when the urge to bolt hits me, I lower my head and wait until it passes. Then at the end of a particularly bad day when I'm driving home I either let out a primal scream or cry my eyes out. I hate this friggin job.

-- zazu blue (, December 02, 2002.

I hate my job. I work for a major bank as an investment consultant. my Director is a 350 lb woman, and her second in command in 400 lbs. These two women are useless. They have become best friends, and often in the lounge I hear them remarking about "have you tried the latest Slim Fast flavor" etc, etc.

Not only that, but they take 3 hour lunches ...I mean come on, the rest of the employees are only allowed 1 hour, but these two manage to take 3 hour lunches. Tomorrow, when they are eating their 3 Big Macs each, large fries, 2 apple pies and a DIET COKE from McDonalds, I'm going to say "Wow, that Diet Coke really makes a difference!!! (note sarcasm)'

-- Robert Poolick (, December 19, 2002.

I hate my job! I want to strangle the person who came up w/my job description.

-- Billy Johnson (, December 30, 2002.

I am a postal worker and I work for IDIOTS!!! I am on call every day that I am not scheduled. I earn no sick days or leave time. I earn nothing toward my retirement. New hires earn the same hourly wage I get. Lousy employees are given whatever they want and dependables are taken advantage of. I was brought up to believe that good employees reap the benefits and will be rewarded. WITH WHAT???? WHEN???? The lazy ones get everything they want. I have 9 months to finish my schooling and I am going to quit, with no notice. I cannot wait to see the look on their faces.

-- Joan Spear (, January 09, 2003.

I got laid off last June. I'm currently working a temp job that is supposed to go permanent but if there is a merciful god in heaven may he burn this fucking place down before that happens. I'm an executive administrative assistant. My current job is receptionist. I have crappy pay, no benefits, no holiday pay (it was fun getting through December).

My boss and owner of the company (millionaire, pretentious prick aka Satan) asked me how much I made at my last job. Then he proceeded to say, "oh, you won't make that here!" Yeah, well you won't get productivity here, bud. The other admin. here misses more work than anyone I've ever seen. Today she managed to mock me (imitate me) TO MY FACE. And she wants me to babysit for her on Saturday night. Yeah, right.

My boss never says good morning. I am insignficant and invisible unless he wants something (like for me to fetch him a Diet Pepsi) or has something to bitch about. He comes up to my desk this morning, writes out an address on an envelope and TOSSES it on my desk like I"m supposed to fetch it and says, "mail this would ya?" I was so close to saying, "only if you suck this" and baring my ass. He snaps his fingers all the time at me. Oh, and he's constantly changing how he wants things done, will yell at you when you do them wrong and say he wanted it done the opposite way of last week. Wow, I didn't see anything that said MIND READER was part of my job description.

Don't worry, this will not be the last you hear of my fun days in HELL.

-- Jennifer (, January 20, 2003.

Well, let's see how much my job sucks. I started out in December, 2001 at a salary of $20,000 as an automation programmer. This is my first real job so I knew the money would be bad. They put me in a nice office with a brand new computer and a decent desk. Not bad I thought. Until 4 months later they decided that I should get closer to the "production" so I can help out with the automation better. This is where things went downhill. My new office (they called it a control room) was a nice room. It has a concrete floor, 4 walls with various stains on them and an unfinished ceiling. A sink used for the employees to clean their buckets and tools was there emitting a foul odor. Electric power drives lined the walls with conduit and a few boxes lined with circuit breakers. Hey wait a minute. This isn't no control room. This is an electrical room! So I was stuck here in this "control room" with NO ventilation, NO heating, NO A/C and I was right beside a big ass mixer creating garbage which we sell to be put in pails. The mixer created huge amounts of dust from sands, cements, and god knows what else. To top it all off, ammonia was used in mixes and my room STUNK like ammonia at least twice a week. Talk about a health hazard. So I worked here on a beauty outdated Celeron 350 which needed more ram for the program I needed to run. Who was going to pay for this ram for me to work? Why of course, I AM! So I had to buy it out of my own pocket. After a few months of working with that computer, I decided I needed more so I shelled out for a new laptop. Funny how I have to PAY to work here. This past November, after I bitched and complained enough about my "control room" being sub-par, they built me a new room right above where I was. Real smart to locate me even CLOSER to the opening of the big mixer, where all the dust and smell is generated. New room consisted of a floor with 4 different finishes. They decided to do real life testing on the floor in my new "control room". Not 1 finish, but 4! Stupid room looks so ugly. Again, no ventilation, no heating, no A/C, no hope in hell that I will be there another few months. This past week, they installed a new camera just to watch me work. Now I cannot leave my computer, in fear of losing my job even when it smells like ammonia! Well, I have yet to get a raise after 16 months working here. I gave enough to this poor ass company and I believe that I did more than I should. I am leaving my job in the next 2-3 weeks and I am immediately calling the authorities on this company. Poor working conditions have pushed me over the edge and I am about to give them a nasty legal surprise. I know for a fact, the next job I have will be better than this one.

-- Jim (, March 18, 2003.

I hate my job because there is no job. I sit here ALLLLL DAYYYY LOOONNGG wanting for something, ANYTHING, to float across my desk that I can actually do. I was hired as a buyer at a pharmaceutical company, but when they hired me they already had a buyer so she does all of the work. They won't fire me because they have enver fired anyone, so Iguess that's good. It just sucks sitting here counting the seconds... You have no idea how long nine hours can be.

-- Susan Turner (, March 24, 2003.

I work at a TV station. Cool right? Well not exactly. First of all it's the station that you scoff at. I won't say which one, but if you watch it you are probably not intelligent enough to read. But that isn't the problem. I work a wicked mean night shift, 10pm to 8am. Every one of my family and friends gets pissed at me for not answering my phone while I am sleeping during the day, and I'm always tired. But that's not really my problem either. Most of my superiors upon whose work my job quality depends are idiots and I spend all night trying to catch their mistakes before they're aired in front of thousands of people, and our engineer hides all day so everything is broken. But I can deal with that too. My real problem is that one of my highly competent and easy to get along with co- workers quit to work somewhere better and was replaced with the worlds most anoying man. A bible thumping, incompetent, socialist idiot. And you know I can deal with bible thumping incompetent socialists, except that he talks ALLL NIGHT LONG!!!! Imagine being trapped and talked at for 10 hours straight. He thinks he knows everything and dares you to correct him so he has an excuse to talk to you more with his horrid screeching voice. I've actually suffered ear damage from his super loud laugh, and a medical plan doesn't help when in order to keep it you have to stay near the sorce of the problem. My days at this job are numbered, all because of one man. It's just not fair.

-- MC Nobody (, April 23, 2003.

I work for the Federal Govt. I am white and male. That says it. It sucks because you can work your ass off and get notta damn bit of recognition. Only women and blacks get noticed. I've been told to not tell them they are wrong when they are because it would make them feel stupid. Fact is they are stupid. Guess I gotta job and that's about it. I suppose I'll spend my entire life paying for "equality". I hope they at least reserve a decent burial plot so I don't have to stoop for an eternity.

-- Joe Don'tTellMyBoss (, July 22, 2003.

I am an intern. enough said. I hate my job with a passion. I sit next to the secretary who talks all day long on the phone with everyone she knows telling the same stories over and over again about how great her kids are. I know all the damn track records her kids have broken, what they are cokking for dinner, and everything else I could care less about. Its ok though, I get to go back to college life of partying my ass off in 2 days, ahhhh my job sucks

-- Toms job sucks (, August 13, 2003.

I am a network technician, that either: A. Works my ass off, for the whole damn day, and is shaking from stress by the end of the day (dealing with lusers, and my boss), or B. Sit on my ass and have fucking NOTHING to do. I hate doing nothing.

My boss is a verbally abusive prick that is one of those people that makes you just want to slap when they talk to you. If it wasnt for the fact that I have a family to support, I'd fucking leave this job. Oh yeah, and the economy sucks ass.

-- Christopher (, August 13, 2003.

I work for a company that does tech support for other companys, most people think that my job is cool and Fun. I say horse poo I talk to idiots all day long that dont know how to turn on a PC. And Im supposed help them Fdisk, or install drivers trust me I perfer to talk to a 13 yr old then the owner of the PC's.

-- Rico (, August 19, 2003.

My job suck because my boss cant seem to pay me on time, she has not paid me in one month and she says she will mail it to me when in the mean while I am late on some bills and she calls me up the other day saying "hey I lost your address" how lame is that. I clean houses and it is bad enough that people dont know how to clean up after their hairy bodys or flush the toilet, now the big problem is that i am not getting paid and it sucks.

-- Jeanne Mouch (, August 25, 2003.

I hate my job because my bosses are idiots, my co-worker is an idiot, and of course, I make the least and do the most. People wouldn't know where to find their right eyeball if it weren't for me saying "why don't you try checking the file labeled, right eyeball". And that's when they say "oh yeah, I should've known it would be there, ha ha". YEAH, YOU THINK!

-- IfBeatingPeopleWereLegal (, September 02, 2003.

My job should be cool. I work for one of the coolest guys on the planet, my dad. I get vacation, sick pay, and paid holidays. I have some insurance coverage, which is better than none. Problem is, im an accountant. Its boring. When im not sitting at my desk with nothing to do, im repeatedly doing the same thing over and over again with different numbers. I dont get to talk to the clients, and I spend entirely way to much time stapleing, unstapling, copying, and printing. Yuck. Im also gaining weight, from sitting down for 8 hours a day. My co-workers are all highly medicated, depressed, bitchy, and rich. I made the mistake of renting an apartment from one of the partners, who is an evil bitch. After I saw her third huge diamond wedding ring that I knew I bought for her, I started looking to buy a house. When she found this out, she evicted me. Oh my god, she might have lost 500 dollars from her 200,000 she pulls in a year. She's a bitch, and I still have to work with her.

-- Kristin Wilber (, September 05, 2003.

I work as a cook and i've been doing it for about 6 years and it is the worst fucking carear to be in i have this fat ass bitch of boss that weighs damm near 300 pounds huvering over me nit picking everything i do some times i feel telling that bitch to bend over and giving her another crack in her ass i'am so stress out when i go in there and today was one of those day when you want to leave the house go to work and burn that hell hole of a job to the ground.:)

-- Josue Cuebas (, October 02, 2003.

I work for the Federal Govt. where discrimination and nepotism is supposed to be a thing of the past. Yet minorities and women are promoted left and right despite being of lesser qualifications. The old white men keep their little group going. Middle aged white men like myself are the scum of the earth. Our children are even worse since we are paid poverty wages.... Guess the politicians have seen fit to exterminate the middle wage earning white males and their families.... starve them out.

I no longer want to do any work for them. I avoid all work. I want to cost these bastards as much as I can because of the shit they spew my way. To hell with the niggers and women....

-- Angry White Male (, October 09, 2003.

I work for the Federal Govt. where discrimination and nepotism is supposed to be a thing of the past. Yet minorities and women are promoted left and right despite being of lesser qualifications. The old white men keep their little group going. Middle aged white men like myself are the scum of the earth. Our children are even worse since we are paid poverty wages.... Guess the politicians have seen fit to exterminate the middle wage earning white males and their families.... starve them out.

I no longer want to do any work for them. I avoid all work. I want to cost these bastards as much as I can because of the shit they spew my way. To hell with the niggers and women.... To hell with the old white men who caused this and are now benefiting twice over since their feeble old minds are not being challenged by a new generation of capable contenders.

-- Angry White Male... (, October 09, 2003.

Fuck you all. This racism makes me sick.

-- Stephanie Sarka (, December 11, 2003.

I work for a staffing company. It's pure hell. My coworkers and bosses are great, but it's just not enough. The area I work in is full of complete morons... the same morons I have to converse with and *attempt* to put to work daily.

If I could shoot 9 out of 10 scumbags that came through the door, the U.S. would be a much better place. It makes me sick to think all of my hard earned tax money is going to these low life pieces of shit hopping from one DFACS offics to another. So I started thinking I could make a difference... make some good connections. WRONG. These temps are worthless scum. "Yeah, I'll be there at 8am" they say, only to call the client at 8:15am to get bitched at because Lorenzo Lowlife had too much crack the night before and didn't make it in. So then I scramble to find another lowlife to put to work. You would think that someone with starving children, as they all say, would take ANY job that comes there way. OH HELL NO! They're too fucking lazy to even go to work! Hey, that's why they don't have a fuckin' job to start with!!

I'm hoping this holiday season brings me a pink slip so I can draw unemployment and have some time to look for another job..... if I could only be so lucky.

-- Hatin' Life (, December 29, 2003.

I spend every shift everyday putting up with come ons from perverted old men!!!! I hate, hate, HATE perverted old men! I don't care if you're rich, I HATE rich people for the most part, and why would I go out with you? I'm 21 and you're...what...62? Noooooooo! Rich old people are impossible to satisfy anyway, customer service speaking. And they don't understand how the word "expired" could apply to them. Afterall, they're old and rich right? The rules don't apply! Bastards!!!

-- Amanda Miller (, February 17, 2004.

Really, really liked the job i used to have, but since they were cutting back, i took the early-out. Had noticed over the past few years, human resources ("living tools") was pushing this "donate-a- cellphone to the domestic violence shelter." Had written to the hro- queenbee, very nicely had challenged the so-called increases of domestic violence. After all, how can one include incidents if they were never reported? Boy was she jacked, that someone dare question.

Meanwhile management seemed to be grooming college-educated young wimmin, wimmin, wimmin for promotions. (As if men don't need jobs? Hello!) Needless to say, if you are over 40, forget it - man or woman, (so much for the other fembot - a.k.a SATANIC LIE) about age discrimination only effecting women) you're yesterday's news. Of course, to get anywhere, it takes 4 years of college (i.e., parents re-mortgaging their homes - and risking foreclosure if their jobs end up in India or China).

-- Sue Botchie (, March 16, 2004.

I work for one of those prescription benefit management companies. IE a call center. We are monitored and graded on things like handle time and quality. The rules in insurance change everyday so what I told you last week as gospel is a lie today. Cooporate? PBM are the MOST coorporate. The customers get screwed over so badly it makes you sick to be a part of it. People who sit around all day smoking cigars who use phrases like "market penetration" develop all kind of mandates to make all of us automotons sound heartless AND stupid.

Basically what I can tell you is: If it doesnt happen at the pharmacy, it's not going to happen. Mail order? dont even think about it. I have tried with vendetta like tenacity to get peoples meds shipped (diabetic supplies and other life giving meds) and it seems the harder I push or go out of my way, the punky assed beyatch at the pharmacy pushes back. yesterday I had to tell a woman she could not fill her husbands med (he had colon cancer got it removed and now has an infection) because she needs prior authorization. and the numbers you used yesterday are wrong so the process you thought you were using correctly yesterday, after moving heavan and earth were for nothing AND you are NOT going to fill that med today no matter what you do. I gave her the correct info and did all I could to help which I'm ashamed to say wont help jack.

And my boss is an unqualified punk kid! In my evaluation yesterday sprinkled with phrases like "potential for improvement" and "training oppertunities" he told me not to joke with co-workers any more because he could feel the sarcasm. For the record and specifically stated I asked a coworker if the callers were happy or mad when I came in yesterday... that was my boss' problem. He's a kid with very little education who is afraid my teambuilding and leadership skills overshadow his own. Mind bought for 11.00 an hour? fuck you bitch!

I used to be an NDT inspector at a great manufacturer and was nafta'd out of my job. Kids are in high school and dont want to move so I have to put up with this nonsense for a few years.

GOD I WANT MY OLD JOB BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-- jack shiz (, April 08, 2004.

I Guess all Jobs Sucks! currently working in big company and listening to stupid boses, who like to boses around.. I wish I can find something that i really enjoy...

-- Ssma (, April 13, 2004.

All is fine in my job except for the miserable bitch i work with. She does nothing but complain ALL DAY LONG, bitch, bitch, bitch.... I can't escape it, she won't shut up. We are the only 2 in the office and we have a pretty decent boss that would allow us to do what ever we want, but she can't accept anything but 100% following of every rule down to the last letter of the policy. Thanks for letting me vent.

-- Goin Insane (, May 21, 2004.

My job really stinks and I mean that literally. I work in a large warehouse. I deal with the damaged products. broken salsa., fish sauce. flies mold broken glass. Once i cut myself and had to go to the clicnic for stiches. I think fox should make a relatity tv show about my job. It would make everyone else feel better. Now for the workers we have a suck up, back staber, psycho (i like him) an underdog who gets picked on all the time. etc. Everyone is 2 faced. They are your friend to day and will stab you in the back to morrow.

-- Brenda (, August 05, 2004.

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