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Tuesday, June 13, 2000 L O C A L N E W S

Sewage Backup Concerns Reported by Joelle Lukasiewicz Web produced by Rachel L. Miller

Raw sewage could be dumped into the Detroit River if deemed necessary by officials. [Video]

Detroit's massive water treatment plant did not lose power, but the outage did affect a number of pumps that play a crucial role if there is heavy rain.

Officials are watching the sewer situation carefully. They will begin dumping raw sewage in the Detroit River to prevent a backup if necessary.

Six of the city's sewage pumping plants went down when the power went out. Three of them are crucial for carrying sewage from homes and businesses.

Two of those plants are already backed up and running with generators. Officials are attempting to restore power to one of the plants and they expect to be running soon.

At this time, there are no sewage backup problems -- there are no concerns for residents. If need be, officials will begin dumping raw sewage into the Detroit River.

-- Martin Thompson (, June 13, 2000

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