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Hello! I just found this message board, and love it! I am a regular poster on the Warner Brother's boards, I will hopefully post more on this one as the summer goes by. Anyway, I have a new website, and I was wondering if you all would take the time to visit it. It is The Official Carterologist's Webpage, and the address is: Thanks for visiting! Love, Adorra

-- Adorra (, June 13, 2000


well, i checked it out, theres some really great pics there! cant wait till you put up all those "carter" pics! woooooohooooooooo!!

-- ALexis Springer (, June 14, 2000.

Hey Adorra, I just wanted to tell you that Carter loves "Zagnut". I don't know if you knew it already, but I thought you would want this on the Carterologist website. I found this in the eppy, "No Brain No Gain."

Abigail - Carterologist, Ph.d

-- abigail (, June 19, 2000.

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