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So was anybody able to tell what they were talking about - anyone who understands Spanish? I took it when I was in school and I understood a little and I sort of got the basic idea of what they were talking about but I just wondered if anyone else understood the words.

-- Melanie (, June 13, 2000


I asked the same question on another board and nobody answered me, but this was in another thread. Wendy asked Chuny if she heard about Mark and his 3 women. Chuny said Mark thinks he is a stud now. Wendy asked if she was bothered by it. Chuny said they weren't really serious. Just a little fling. Wendy asked if it was true what they said bald guys(I think it was bald guys. It went by fast). Chuny said all they want to do is have a lot of sex.

-- Casey (, June 14, 2000.

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