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I haven't shot a film/video since 1992, when I was using 16mm film and renting Sony betacam and editing suites. Now, I want to shoot with my own camera and edit on my own computer, but I have been out of the loop a little (been writing). I don't know whether to buy a Sony DV camera like the Sony DCR VX-2000 or a comparable Cannon. I'm also not sure if I should buy a PC like an HP Pentium III 800Mhz, 296 RAM DVD, W-CD, 40+GB or a comparable Mac G4 (which costs way more). Finally, what software for editing? I also have shorts on VHS that I'd like to work on a little and send out on the web, put on CD or DVD. I'm hoping this forum can help me. Thanks, Dennis

-- Dennis Fleming (, June 12, 2000

-- Dennis Fleming (, June 12, 2000


for complete pre - post info check out "feature filmmaking at used car prices" by Rick Schmidt

-- princeton holt (, October 19, 2000.

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