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I need some ideas on cross training that may increase my endurance level for long distance events.

-- a borchman (, June 12, 2000


I'm 16 and run the 2 mile in track, and play volleyball and basketball, so boy, do I know about endurance. I would weight lift during your off-season. I did that all summer, and it really improved my times. Also, try, biking, it helps strengthen the legs. Swimming will also help. It helps relax the muscles. And basically, just run some smooth, easy miles, like 4 or 5 every other day or so. Also put some speedwork in. That'll help with with the end of race if it gets down to you and another person. If you would like, email me, and I can help you some more. Good Luck--Hannah

-- Hannah (, August 10, 2003.

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