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could someone please clue me in on where i can buy a couple of coffee plants to try and grow meself? thanx

-- dan dawson (, June 12, 2000


I am also interested in finding out more about growing coffee myself. Were you ever able to find out more information.

Where do you live?

What is the climate like where you live?


-- Ben Acre (, October 10, 2001.

The sells seedlings for coffee plants.

-- Billie Johnson (, August 16, 2002.

Coffee plants are often sold as house plants. I bought a coffee plant at a local Wal*Mart in December. It was only a couple of dollars. I just started some coffee beans and may have plants available in a few months if they germinate (takes two months to germinate and needs bottom heat) Ask a local coffee roaster for some raw coffee beans and try it yourself (that's how I got my coffee beans to plant)

Nancy Washington State resident

-- Nancy (, March 24, 2003.

I have a mail order plant nursery in TX and just acquired some year old arabica coffee plants. Let me know if you might be interested in some. Thanks.

-- Ivan Hurley (, January 18, 2004.

Where else can you find anything you may possibly want?........Ebay of course, I just bought a coffee plant from Hawaii on ebay and am very pleased with what I received

-- Eva (, October 29, 2004.

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