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Is is true that love gets stronger when you are apart? Do you have any experience of long-distance relationships? And, what can you do to keep yourself busy while your love is away? Tell Anna everything.

-- Anna (, June 12, 2000


yes, but that's because in order for a long distance relationship to work, you have to be serious about it, you have to understand that it's going to be one of the hardest things you will ever do, and it's going to hurt like a bitch. =[ heh, sounds like im talking about child birth.

-- jena (, June 15, 2000.

hmm.. i think long-distance relationships can work so long as there are amazing amounts of trust in the relationship.. though i suppose it also depends on the distance apart and how often you see each other.. the only 'experience' i have is living five states away during the two months of summers when i was younger, and in one instance, my then-boyfriend cheated on me, three times, because i wasn't there. men, sigh. other than that, my now-boyfriend was away in new york for his first semester at college (about three hours away by car.. and i'm carless, heh), and i saw him every other weekend.. that worked out fine.. i trust him and he trusts me, but we've also been together for three years, and the two years previous to his being away we were together constantly (well, not constantly, but you get the point), which has a bit of an effect on the trust issue, but.. i digress.

-- liza (, June 16, 2000.

NGAAW...I know that I'm the reason to this question... :) I said so when I was going away to greece... gawd I missed you!! luv ya!

-- "Anna4s" Rejdis :) (, June 21, 2000.


But it might break you in the meanwhile . . .

-- Judy. (, July 16, 2000.

If the two involved are freakin' religious zealots, sure. Problem is there really is no reason to spend your romantic moments with an image in your head of something that probably'll never be. Sure, I guess you could say it's a really great way of protecting yourself from the real world, but the real world is full of fun and quite a few, if not all of them, being interesting as hell peoples

-- peas and carrots (shoveit@upyour.ass:)), July 29, 2001.

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