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I saw the Idiots last night, a Dogme95 film by Lars Von Trier. It was pretty damn neat-o in a number of ways. First off for those who are unaware of the whole Dogme95 action go here: I agree with the idea and ideals behind the manefesto (i.e. that films have become buried beneath technology) but felt that it was more of a good director showing off* and the handheld only rule started to freak out my inner ear by the end.

*The thing is this: I'm sure it did and will lead to ne and interesting films by good directors, it will also inspire a lot of shite. The Idiots had good story, characters, acting and filming. If this had been made as a traditional film I would have still enjoyed it. I can hear the legions of film nuts, who labour under the belief that watching many films endows them with the ability to make a good film (present company excluded of course) thinking: Aha! By subscribing to these rules I can make a film on the cheap AND get neuvo art credit too! I'd like to see Cameron or Spielberg attempt a Dogme95 film (not that they couldn't, I just would be interested to see what they would come up with.) Now, my question is this 1) opine on the Dogma95 vow of chastity and 2) hand held digital camera + a desktop PC = low budget film studio, will more good then bad come of this?

-- Yousuf (, June 10, 2000


Haven't checked the site yet. I'll do that and get back on that part. As for your second question:

My personal opinion on the whole digital camera thing is this. It's a wonderfully cheap way to make something, but not a film. If you shoot digital, by definition it's not a film. Beyond that the experience you gain is much less than that of actually shooting on film. I've shot both. I'm not talking out of my ass on this one. It's a different world.

I don't wish to detract from digital, the opportunities it offers and the people who's careers it will start. It will eventually replace film as a format. I know this. But before that fateful day happens, get out there and make an actual film. Be part of that. It's a little, beautiful part of history.

This doesn't talk about the artistry behind the machines. That may be amazing with a DVCam, a Super 16mm or a fricken crayon, but that isn't what we're talking about. We're talking about the format. My call? It's the difference between actually cooking something and microwaving.

If you want to make a film, make a film.

-- Michael Fitts (, June 11, 2000.

Well shave my balls and call me Lucy.

That Dogme95 Vow is the most bizarre thing I've heard in a while. Okay, it's kinda like drinking bet filmmaking, which I'm all for, but as a constant I'd go nuts. I'd start breaking the rules just because they were there.

You can't constrain art to a set of rules. It goes stale. Some of the most amazing films broke all the conventional rules. Look at Annie Hall. Woody Allen broke nearly all the rules they give you in filmmaking, and every goddamn one of them worked. They made the film refreshing and new. Characters hadn't talked to the camera that much since the Road movies with Hope and Crosby.

But I digress.

The one rule I love is number 9. The film format must be Academy 35 mm. Ahhh. Good to hear that.

I think this whole thing was a misplaced but wonderful idea.

I think it should be a punishment for directors who fucked up. Emmerich, Renny Harlin, later years Hughes, Landis and Speilberg.

And goddamn Lucas.

All of you are hereby sentenced to make one of these films. Hone your skills boys. Forget the effects.

-- Michael Fitts (, June 11, 2000.

I think you a should listen to yourselves, and wonder If you really sound like the brilliant person you think you are; i'd like to know which movies you made and wish to see them, because you opinions about art and seemingly life are quite broad, and so i would suggest to you not to limit yourself and just have fun; yea Annie Hall was a great but I think you all should realize that it wasn't really that great at least in the perspective of linear time, or maybe you are still hanging on to those christian ideals that you believe you really are beyond


-- GOJITA (, December 05, 2000.

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