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Watched our local news here in Baltimore after ER Thursday night. Anthony Edwards is/was in town for a Cure Autism Now benefit. They did a short interview with him.

-- S. Trelles (, June 10, 2000


I was soooo lucky to see a short news story on how Anthony Edwards was driving in a race to support autistic victims or something -- it was cute! Tony behind the wheel...

-- Katie (, June 11, 2000.

He was in Indianapolis over Memorial Day Weekend for the Indy 500 race because he was driving the pace car. They interviewed him on the local station and he said he was a little nervous and that he had been practicing. It was cute when he said he'd been practicing and that his coach would be there to tell him what to do and when to leave the track, etc.

-- amanda (, June 12, 2000.

Read the ER weekly. There is a tidbit about an interview with Edwards behind the wheel of the pace car. It is hilarious!

-- S. Trelles (, June 15, 2000.

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