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There's been a 200m SMC Takumar in the consignment display at the local pro shop for a month or so, and I noticed this morning that they dropped the price to $450. I couldn't tell whether or not it's a late model 200mm without having the staff pull the lens out, and since I'm not in the market for a 200mm I didn't bother. It's a rubber ring model, though. Based on KEH prices, $450 would be average for an early model but a real steal for a late model. Lens looks EX/mint minus and has the caps. If the lens is from the batch of Pentax gear as the 165mm LS I bought then it's probably been handled carefully.

The shop is Camera Arts, here in Sacramento, 916-736-3084. The co-owners, Ginny, John and Marquita, are really nice folks, but none of them shoots Pentax so I doubt they could tell you if it's a late model 200mm. They're not really set up as camera brokers, either, but might quote you a fair price for shipping. Not affiliated with CameraArts magazine, BTW.

-- Bill Baker (wab@well.com), June 09, 2000


The rubber focus ring version is the Pentax and is the latest version. It is a five element type that started production around 1985. Have been hearing some favorable reports lately about the 200mm Takumar. Some have claimed that it is sharper than the new version. The 150 Takumar sure is sharp and it is similar in design to the 200 Takumar. SR

-- Steve Rasmussen (srasmuss@flash.net), June 14, 2000.

Bruce, in case you are curious as to when your 200mm was produced, the serial # indicates an early 1989 time frame. SR

-- Steve Rasmussen (srasmuss@flash.net), June 17, 2000.

Bruce, I have a small list of serial #s vs production year, posted to this forum under the category of LENSES. If you know what year some of your older lenses were purchased, you could add to my small list and benefit all readers. SR

-- Steve Rasmussen (srasmuss@flash.net), June 19, 2000.

To add to that, the new style 200mm has 77mm filters instead of 67mm filters, and does not have a built in lens hood. The average selling price on ebay for the new style 200mm is $582 from what I have seen so far. I bought my newstyle 200mm on eBay for $559 in mint condition, including case, box, and paperwork. My serial number is 8525804 if that helps you date it. I'm in Sacramento, also.

-- Bruce Gavin (doc@compudox.com), June 17, 2000.

Jeez, a new version 200mm for under $600 in good condition? I didn't know they were going that cheap. I paid around 90% of B&H list for a NIB 55mm via eBay and thought I was getting a good deal.

Anyway, I took a second look at the lens when I was in the shop Friday and it's a metal ring model. In excellent shape, though.

-- Bill Baker (wab@well.com), June 18, 2000.

Steve, thanks for the date info. Is it possible to get a list from you? I keep an extensive spreadsheet on eBay transactions, including the serials of the lenses I see. I have a list for Rodenstock and Schneider so far, nothing for anybody else.

My newstyle 200mm appears to be late 1999 vintage by the condition. Whoever had it for the last 11 years sure took good care of it. Box, case, etc, all mint-minus condition.

Bill, I owned the old style 200 for nearly 20 years and was entirely satisfied with the quality. I shoot almost exclusively with strobes on the backdrop, (no shutter shake), and routinely at f/22. Wedding work is wonderful quality, and clients were very pleased. I figured the new style is just more of a Good Thing.

-- Bruce Gavin (doc@compudox.com), June 18, 2000.

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