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I have a strange problem with TCP/IP..

I have a 266Mhz Beige desktop PPC running OS8.6, connected via a 10base Ethernet crossover cable to a PC running Windows98.

I have been successfully running Quid Pro Quo 2.1.3 as a server on my Mac for several months, to allow me to develop web sites on the PC and the Mac before uploading them. I run the server at the same time as file sharing with the PC via the AppleTalk connection and MacLan on the PC. However, QPQ began playing up yesterday, and I had to reinstall it to get it working again. This morning though, QPQ completely refused to start, and resisted all efforts to get it running. In desperation, I turned to the Mac OS Personal Web Sharing. This also refused to start up, saying that TCP/IP was not installed, or is not configured correctly (-30603). If I try to start it up from the CP module, it tells me that Web Sharing cannot operate with a valid IP address.

I checked my TCP/IP config (again) and all seems fine. I have tried rebuilding the desktop files, running Disk Doctor, a complete removal of all the OT software and reinstalling, I have done a complete reinstall of the entire OS, and I have trashed all the TCP/IP preferences, and started from scratch, but still no joy. I can still connect to the Internet using my usual external TCP/IP settings, but it refuses to run the Ethernet settings.

I use the manual configuration, with an IP address of, and a subnet mask of These settings have worked fine to date.

I have also run a virus scan on the whole system, as these problems started after I took files of a foreign Zip disk, but the scan reveals no problems (I can't guarantee the most up to date virus software though). Does this sound like virus like activity? I do seem to be suffering a few speed problems, especially opening windows, but this may just be paranoia setting in.

Any advice would be much appreciated, as I desperately need to get the server up and running again ASAP.

Many thanks,


-- Richard Smith (, June 09, 2000

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