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Just thought I'd mention a product that seems to really have some potential. Lehman's is selling a wristband for around $4 that is supposed to work for 60 hours without chemicals. A little skeptical, I purchased one to test it out. So far it is working like a charm. We put it on our four year old every time he goes out. He thinks it is great and always remembers to take it off and put it back in the storage case to save it for the next time.

We've tested it working in the garden. The people with bug spray on still had bites and he came out without a one! If sticks close to us we end up not getting any either. Smell is quite pleasant too! Active ingredient is geraniol, "a natural oil derived from Asian grasses" Anyone know more about this?

-- Jennifer (KY) (, June 09, 2000


Jennifer: We tried a couple different ones last year, which stated the active ingredient was critronella. Worked better than nothing, and not as toxic as the sprays. Have to get some more for the kids and us for this year. I never used to get bitten, even when everyone around me did, but guess my body chemistry has changed, as now I'm bitten like the rest of the family. Jan

-- Jan in Colorado (, June 09, 2000.

I read recently that taking vitamin B comples makes you taste bad to mosquitoes. Garlic is supposed to work too. I eat lots of garlic and take B complex and the mosquitoes don't bite me. It doesn't seem to work on the black flies though.

-- Lani (, June 10, 2000.

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