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Does anyone know whether the current Acutol formula from Paterson is the same as their "Acutol FX-14" that was available in the '70's?? It was superb with FP4. TIA, njb

-- Nacio Brown (, June 08, 2000


Nacio; I have a recent Paterson chemical brochure whic refers to Acutol as FX14 so I would think formulation is the same, possibly tweaked a bit. Incidentally, Acutol diluted at 1+20 is recommended for Tech Pan; Amateur Photographer mag in the early '80s did back to back tests against Technidol(which is too expensive in the UK) and marginally preferred FX14. However, Paterson now seem keener to recommend the much more recent FX 39 @ 1+19 for Tech Pan

-- Nigel Craig (, June 12, 2000.

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