Y2K? No problem! Nuclear War anyone?

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The preparedness precautions taken by the Feds & all 50 states was enough for me to take heed of possible y2k problems...

Indeed, it had become most prudent to prepare for the unknown...

However, no amount of individual preparedness can secure one and ones family from nuclear catastraphy. This reality of nuclear madness leads to a kind of mass psychosis in which denile is the first and formost symtom. On the individual level: "I can't do anything about it." This translates into a kind of macro apathy on the national/international level.

If we can't overcome our individual denile, we will die collectively, all at once.

Einstine quotes:

"The splittng of the atom has changed everything, save mans mode of thinking. Thus, we drift towards unparaleled(sp) catastraphe..."

When asked how the next world war would be fought, Einstine replied:

"I don't know how the 3rd world war will be fought. However, the 4th world war will be fought with sticks & stones."

I am chastized by my mis-placed concern over the issue of Y2K. However, my greatest concern is that of the Nuclear Problem. Back in 1997-98-99, Y2K was a new and fearsome wild-card in this insane nuclear card-game. It seems that this wild-card is now off the game-table. And yet the insanity continues...

For those of you who believe that since we never used the "bomb" except twice, we need not worry. So far, so good... However, the machine gun was first introduced during the Civil War, but didn't find widespread use until 50 years later, with WWI. The results were devastating.

Trade your tin-foil hats for a lead plated sarcophagus...

-- Epicurian Beanman (psychonautsister@yahoo.com), June 08, 2000


War is an integral part of the human species. All other species compete as well but, with less lethal effects. Our continued evolution is demanding that we get a handle on our agression. Failure is not an option.

Oh and BTW, before anyone starts yelling doomer! doomer! I have tangible optimism that we can avoid a holocaust. I think a number of people here should stop wasting energy with the doomer thing... chanting about a few people who thought the world was going to end... how banal.

-- Will (righthere@home.now), June 09, 2000.

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