Have you ever been to a WNBA game?

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We have recently (last summer) become huge Washington Mystics fans. For those of you not familiar with the team, they are our very own women's professional basketball team. If you have never been to a game, you really should make it a point to go sometime this summer. The regular season runs until August.

I was never a professional basketball fan, my husband was a fan back in the days of Larry Bird (the player, not coach), and my kids had never before watched a professional sporting event, other than the Super Bowl up until the halftime show ended; however, now you can't keep us away from the MCI Center when the Mystics are in town. They have heart, talent, the world's most loyal fans, the list goes on.

It is so much fun being at the games. The atmosphere is family friendly, and the players actually are there to play basketball. There are rarely, if ever, any egos on the court.

I guess I just thought this might be a good place to let people, especially families, know what is available for fun during the summer. I'm so relieved school is almost out because I'm sure my kids are going to be tired today! We had originally planned to sell our tickets for last night because it was a "school night," but since MSPAPs and CRTs are finally over, we decided to go after all. Even though we lost,(it wasn't as bad as the final score would have you believe) my kids wouldn't have missed it for the world. My son, Josh, got his face on the scoreboard, and my daughter, Jennie, got to go on the court during a timeout to play the Nike uniform game. You should have seen her dribbling down the court with those gigantic sneakers and Mystics uniform on. I only wish Alan Kresse was there with his camera taking pictures. My camera never listens to me when I click!

I hope you'll take my advice and give it a try. Let me know if you share my opinion.

-- Lauren Paiva (LKP9@aol.com), June 08, 2000


I agree, WNBA games are a lot of fun, and you should really check them out!

-- Josh Paiva (JoshPaiva@bConvergent.NET), July 05, 2001.

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