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Solar advisory upgraded to Warning

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Subj: Solar Storm Warning Date: 6/7/2000 5:07:59 PM Eastern Daylight Time From: (NASA Science News)

Space Weather News for June 7, 2000

Following close on the heels of yesterday's two X-class solar flares, a third powerful X-class flare erupted today at approximately 1545 UT. Soon afterward, coronagraphs on the orbiting Solar and Heliospheric Observatory detected a faint full halo coronal mass ejection. It appears to be heading in the direction of Earth at ~800 km/s.

This latest full halo CME will probably extend the geomagnetic disturbances expected to begin on Thursday when an interplanetary shock wave spawned by a CME on June 6 collides with our planet's magnetosphere.

Aurora watchers are advised to be on the alert for Northern Lights beginning after sunset on Thursday, June 8.


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-- Lee Maloney (, June 07, 2000

-- Space Guy (some@neat.stuff.on.links), June 08, 2000

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