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I am thinking about buying a Canon XL1 and a computer-based editing system to work on documentaries and news features while living in Europe. The big question is, should I buy a new Mac and get Final Cut Pro (which I saw Nightline used), or Adobe Premiere 5.1 (which I haven't heard much about yet)?

I currently have a PC with 96 ram and 20. GB hard drive, but I think I might have to get a larger hard drive anyway if I stick with th

-- Bruce Jacobs (, June 08, 2000


I was in the same boat about which software to buy. Fortunately I had an Avid Mac user who had a copy of Final Cut Pro, as I was a PC person and had Adobe Premiere. For the type of work that I do, which has ranged from Corporate Meetings to Video Slide shows to Weddings, I have used Premiere 5.1c. The C needs to be added to include firewire support unless you buy the upgraded 6.0.

Final Cut Pro was not intuitive, nor easy to use in the situations that I deal with. I did, however, buy a Mac G4 which came with a 10gig drive at the time. I added a 30gig 7200rpm drive and upgraded Ram to 192Mb. I LOVE IT! If there is something that Final Cut Pro is particularly better at doing I have not run across the need to find out yet. I haven't upgraded to Premiere 6.0 yet but I will soon. There has been no urgent need to do so.

I think for documentary style editing you may find Premiere easier. But the best way to find out is try to test drive both and edit something that you would normally work on.

Good Luck.

-- Anthony Simuel (, February 10, 2001.

i am hoping to edit some footage i got from a recent surfing trip in order to produce a surfing video, but like you am not sure which package to use. I have used adobe 6.0 before and got along well with it, but cant help thinking final cut would be more sufficient. could anyone help me?

-- john virgo (, October 18, 2004.

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