Where is the tooth fairy?

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OK, I know this is a simple procedure, BUT...

Please, please, please, tell me everything's gonna be alright and I'll be able to sing next friday without my aching jaw getting in the way.

Share your third molar (wisdom tooth) extraction experiences here, and let's get this forum off on the right foot (or tooth) -- whatever.

-- amaebi (me@amaebi.org), June 08, 2000


i cannot offer you any sort of consolation . . . i am rather hoping, that at some point, you can offer me some. i have my wisdom teeth, intact, but that is not going to last long. i am signed with the Navy and reality has it that during the first week of boot camp they'll come out . . .

i wonder if part of toughening a soldier is yanking them with no novacaine. . . or maybe they have something more affective. wouldn't that be nice.

i posted first!

thanks for sharing your life, amaebi . . .


-- jarday (jarday@jarday.com), June 08, 2000.

Like I said to the notify list, I'm glad I don't remember mine.

I went in, got comfy, they started an IV and put a little oxygen mask on me, and the stuff went in and felt cold in my arm and -hey, looky, there's an electrical outlet on the ceiling, what a funny place to put an outlet-hey that reminds me of the Berlin Wall-which reminds me of


Sit up? Hold what on my face? Oh. Cold. Ice. Do I hear my mommy? Go...where? Oh. Door. Oooooh, wheelchair ramp wheeeee Oh. Wow. That's the car. I just ran into it. Hm, door. How do I work this? Oh. Ha. Trees go by fast! Drive faster mom!

I can't feel my ears. Or my chin. *pokepokepoke* hehe, funny.

Two hours later, I try to take a codeine, because they said I should before I started to hurt. We found out that I couldn't get a pill in my mouth because I couldn't find it (my mouth) without looking, so I went in the bathroom to watch myself. I had a hard time synchronizing closing my mouth with getting water in it, but I think I got it on the third try. Then, because the whole thing had been such a piece of cake, I figured I'd take a peek at what they did while I had the gauze out of my mouth.

I fainted and hit my head on the counter. So, if you're squeamish, don't look. I had expressly asked not to be told *how* they were going to get the teeth out, because I didn't want to know, because I knew I'd freak. In the 5 seconds after getting up close to the mirror and before hitting the counter and floor, I figured out that the tooth fairy didn't, in fact, just come get them while I was knocked out. I was right, I *didn't* want to know.

All told, the nausea from the codeine was worse than any pain I had. I suffered more from the pain of the impaction than the extraction. The first night, I had trouble sleeping because I sleep on my side and I was still pretty swollen, and after that it was just a huge annoyance trying to find things I could eat. I was back chewing like normal in about 10 days, although I had to flush food out of my sockets for about two months.

Getting it over with is the worst part. As long as you're on a good anti-inflammatory, and run a humidifier if necessary to keep your throat from getting dry, since you're going to be mouth-breathing quite a bit the first few days, and follow the aftercare instructions as closely as possible to prevent dry-socket, you should be in pretty good shape a week after surgery.

-- Never (never@never.to), June 08, 2000.

I feel for you. I had mine done two at a time, while I was asleep. But lots of people I know had it done the way you're going to do it, and said it had rough parts, but was okay.

Don't turn down any drugs they offer you. Have someone who can bring you ice cream or videos or whatever you might need. Be good to yourself. That sushi dinner is a start....

-- Lizzie (crow@well.com), June 08, 2000.

ow ow ow, I'm really beginning to dread this thing.

Contrary to popular belief, though, that was not my mouth in that picture in tuesday's entry. If it was, I think I'd be in very big trouble. If the surgeon didn't "borrow" my x-rays, I would have scanned them and posted them instead.

As it stands, my two upper teeth are erupted and non-impacted -- in other words, there's nothing wrong with them other than the fact that they're hard to clean and will miss their lower neighbors. So they're coming out.

Lower right is erupted, very visible in a mirror, and at a very slight angle. It's causing hygeine problems more than anything else, and was the result of the first gum pain that sent me to the dentist in the first place.

Lower left is half-visible and impacted -- has been trying to break through the gum for over two years now. if you check my journal archives, you can read about it giving me trouble on December 27, 1997. That's gonna be the nasty one, methinks, the one involving slicing, dicing, and other nasty stuff...

Still, the oral surgeon said the whole procedure (all four teeth) will take no longer than 45 minutes.

-- amaebi (me@amaebi.org), June 08, 2000.

sounds like having a bell at hand with a well trained wife, girlfriend, mother, or chimpanzee is indespensible =) "don't fail me now, pavlov!" - a shame i will not have that luxury . . .


-- jarday (jarday@jarday.com), June 09, 2000.

Where is the tooth fairy? Up your butt...

-- War Motimon (m_e_fleming@yahoo.com), June 09, 2000.

You'll just feel like you were bashed in the face with an anvil for awhile. I just wrapped myself in a huge blanket and popped percocet. Not that they gave me a prescription for that, Mom just happened to be holding some for me.

I was much more freaked out than the whole thing warranted. I called all my friends to say goodbye for a week because I thought I wouldn't be able to talk. They laughed at me but it wasn't the first time.

I think I saw the Tooth Fairy last Saturday, she was stripping at the Pink Pony. Think twice about where that "pillow money" has been.

-- Sarah Guinn (Sarah.Sheppard@medec.com), June 09, 2000.

Well? How was it? See, now you are done and I still have mine looming for the 23rd.

Oh, that ankimo dish you mentioned, you BASTARD. Teasing me that way.

Augh., it's been months. Come back here so we can have a sushi orgy, I've not really done one since we were in LA and went...

-- Lunesse (lunesse@lunesse.com), June 12, 2000.

Thanks all ... except for that creature who told me the tooth fairy is up my butt ... you lie, because she's not there. Trust me, I checked. Twice, couldn't even hallucinate her with the percocet.

Luny, as soon as I can chew again, we'll orgy. (um, that didn't sound too good).

Sarah, yes, percocet was a good thing, despite my reluctance to ingest it, it was very necessary.

Lizzie, that sushi dinner may have been my last ... I'm _still_ on soft foods, and I have to go try and sing at rehearsal tonight. Egads.

Never, no drugs but novocaine during the procedure. In retrospect, I might have been a little _too_ conscious, like when the doctor said "Oh shit, this is a bad one."

And j .... do _not_ let them yank without novocaine. If you're not insane already, you will be when they're done.

-- amaebi (me@amaebi.org), June 12, 2000.

amaebi - i am probably already insane - but i am sure yanking without novacaine would do me no good. whatever the case may be, i am pretty sure that i was kidding about that. . . i hope i hope. i do know that in boot camp i will get to walk into a chamber of tear gas with a gas mask on and walk out without a gas mask on . . . fun. i do get 2 days to stay in my bed after the removal of the teeth. maybe even some super-secret military pain killers. the ones that kill your physical pain but keep your mind clear. . .

-- jarday (jarday@jarday.com), June 13, 2000.

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