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Hi - I'm from the UK and we are quite behind you in viewing the episodes. I've just finished watching Such Sweet Sorrow for the first time - i just wanna know, was I the only one to cry solidly through the second half of the eppy? It was so sad and so lovely!

-- Vicki Baker (ms_peachy_pie@hotmail.com), June 07, 2000


Response to Such Sweet Sorrow

Not at all Vicki, i saw it on SKY a fornight ago, and bawled my eyes out. The sad thing is, i cry every time i watch my nearly worn out video too. I'm glad the whole UK has seen it now, my kids at school will understand what i've been raving on about!!! Don't miss "MAYDAY" next week its great!!!

-- Helen (helenmayne@compuserve.com), June 07, 2000.

Response to Such Sweet Sorrow

I'm from the UK but I saw it for the first time on Sky a couple of weeks ago. I also cried during the 2nd half of the episode and I still do when I watch it again and again on my video. It was such a great episode, and although it was sad it was also happy. The only annoying thing was that they totally spoilt the episode on channel 4 by announcing George's guest appearance before hand. Anyway next weeks episode is really good, so make sure you watch.

-- soph hibberts (ickle_socks@yahoo.com), June 08, 2000.

Response to Such Sweet Sorrow

Hey, doesn't that suck? That happened here in Massachusetts too. I had purposly stayed away from all the media stuff, and in the middle of the show, during a commercial they have a commercial say "They said it would never happen," and then show some footage from ER, that we hadn't seen yet. AAARRRGGH! i was so mad about that!! :) Sorry, I'll stop now. :)

-- Kimmy (swiss_cheesed1953@yahoo.com), June 08, 2000.

Response to Such Sweet Sorrow

I too saw it a few weeks ago on sky at my friends house. But being more of a Carter fan than a Ross/Carol fan I found 'May Day' much better. Its on C4 next week and is a really brilliant, one of my favourites, after 'Exodus'. Also did anyone see young Ross and Carter guesting on season 1 'Friends' re-run tonight? It was quite a shock to see how Noah's acting skills have improved since then.

-- mags (hotboxgirl@mailcity.com), June 08, 2000.

Response to Such Sweet Sorrow

I absolutely loved that ending, but I don't even watch it so much because it is so bittersweet...on one hand, I love that they're together, it's the reason I started watching the show, and the reason I stopped watching regularly (until february!), but it's so sad that they aren't with the friends we've seen them both with for 5 or 6 years. I know, people move on all the time and maybe they will keep in touch, but that scene is one of the most emotional (character- wise) scenes I've seen, just because it's so happy (and Taking You Home really helps a lot!) but it's the end of Doug and Carol on ER. Don't get me wrong though, I'm happy with them.

-- Elaine (mrsclooney78@hotmail.com), June 08, 2000.

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