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I put a $500 dollar deposit on the F4S which put me at #6 here in the Dallas area. The dealer is supposed to receive 6-7 bikes for the year. I went in yesterday to inquire about delivery and he told me that the price has gone from $18,900USD to $24,900USD. Shocked, I asked why, and was told that the Cagiva is forcing him to buy a Gran Canyon for every F4S, and since he can't sell the Gran Canyon, the cost is passed to the customer. Such BS. I find it hard to justify $25k for a motorbike and will likely cancel my deposit. I was really looking forward to owning this engineering masterpiece but looks like I better start looking at the GSX-R750 for 2000. Anyone else getting shafted by their dealer??

-- Rick Washington (, June 07, 2000


I would contact Cagiva themselves and tell them what business practices their selected dealer is practicing. Cagiva USA 1901 Davisville Rd Willow Grove, PA 19090 Phone: 215-830-3300 Fax: 215-830-3301

-- moderator (, June 08, 2000.

more suggestions...

---- The Gran Canyon is the dealers and Cagiva's problem, not yours.

If you have a contract for the MV with the sale price on it, from when you placed your deposit, I would get either a legal representative or some consumer group involved (Better Busines Bureau).

I would also try and put something in writing, from an attorney, to the MV importers (is that Ferracci?) stating this situation.

Make the biggest stink you can, MV does not want to get a tarnished reputation.

This dealer is being totally out of line and should be exposed. --- Doesn't a receipt for a deposit constitute a contract of sale? Can the dealer up the price on something that is legally sold already? My advice would be to tell the dealer you expect him to stand by his contractual agreement and deliver the bike for the agreed price or you'll get a lawyer. Then phone the importers and verify whether the dealer's telling the truth regarding the Gran Canyon and tell them what's going on. --- Stick to your guns, the dealer is probably trying to get you to back out of the deal, because someone else has made a better offer for your bike. Although he may also have to buy a Gran Canyon, I would bet he is using that as a bluff to get you to walk away from the deal. DO NOT GIVE IN!!!!!! ---

-- mod (, June 09, 2000.

Generally speaking, the rule is that accepting the deposit will bind the merchant, however, not aware of whether Texas law differs from the 'general' rule :) wouldn't be surprised.

Second question, what is the matter with the Gran Canyon, anyone with an opinion on this bike for the money? Thanks bruce

-- Dr. C. Bruce Teeter, Esq (, October 27, 2000.

I own the Gran Canyon and having owned 7 different bikes including the little BMW 650 F. I can say that this bike is the coolest. It is so comfortable to ride and the engine has real world torque not japanese bike high rev neck wrench. It has power ALL THE TIME. I can't imagine that they can't sell the Gran Canyons. From what I've heard, they are so good you can hardly find a used one.

-- EJ (, July 12, 2001.

Wow, that's interesting. I bought mine in April from Italian Motorsports in Farmers Branch. Is that the dealer you went to? I paid $20k. Even though I could have got it about $1000 cheaper at another dealer, this one was on the showroom floor, so I didn't have to wait. They've been pretty good, though I'm still waiting for my Casolli carbon fiber tank guard that I ordered from them.

-- Brad Cowell (, July 12, 2001.

have your dealer contact Beaudry Motorsports in Post Falls Idah- he'll take every Cagiva GC he can get - he loves them and the customers love them - he's sold I believe 50 of them which is nearly 15% of all the 350 imported

-- steve berde (, March 10, 2002.

That is such B.S. Even if your dealer changed their minds and offered your MV at a discount, I would not recommend taking it. Who is this dealer? They deserve to have their name splatter all over the internet!

FYI, I just bought a 2002 MV bi-posto from Renaissance Motorcycle in Tucson, AZ yesterday. Total out the door price was a bit under $21,000. And yes, my local dealer has to have his share of Grand Canyon's a well.

Despite that dealers actions, it's no reason not to get an MV Agusta. They are not as rare as they were in 2000. I know my local dealer just received a 2002 Red/Silver F4. Renaissance Motorcycles doesn't charge for setup or documents fees, as they should be included in the price of the bike. Here's their link:

I also imagine other dealer are just getting their 2002 shipments. There really is no reason to deal with that dealer you mentioned. I think a report to the Better Business Bureau and a letter to the owner of that shop is in order.

-- Allan Gibbs (, March 11, 2002.

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