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Jeff Head, jeffhead@bigplanet.com

Father's Day Event Planned -- "50 MILLION ROUND MARCH"

DATE (Emmett, Idaho ) -- May 19, 10 AM -- A nation-wide "50 Million Round March" is being planned for Father's Day, June 18, 2000 in support of 2nd amendment rights and to counter the "Million Mom March" which was held on Mother's Day.

This event will demonstrate to elected officials the resolve and the numbers of those individuals committed to retaining their second amendment rights, and send a message to cease enacting laws which infringe on this right for law abiding citizens.

Fathers and their families, friends and neighbors will get together at shooting ranges all over the nation and simultaneously fire over 50 million shots, or "rounds", as a statement in support of the right to keep and bear arms for all law abiding citizens. "Range monitors" will be in place at each event to insure that proper firearm safety is observed.

This effort will also include a letter-writing campaign to congressional representatives, senators, governors and the President informing them of the participants' attendance and their insistence that infringements on this constitutional right cease. As a memento of the event, the participants will include either one of their used targets with their letters, or two spent cartridges in a mailer box with their letters.

One of the organizers of this event, Jeff Head from Emmett, Idaho, related the following reasons he got involved with such a grassroots event:

"The efforts to infringe upon our 2nd amendment rights to self defense have been escalating in the recent months. A veritable chorus from political pundits and the main stream media are trying to convince us that it would be "best for the children" to further restrict firearm use and sales by honest, law-abiding citizens. However, history is littered with the ashes of societies and peoples who have accepted this unsubstantiated and historically inaccurate claim. Historically it is clear that it would be "best for the children" for the people to remain armed. Responsible firearm ownership and use are one of the great hallmarks for American liberty and our unprecedented peace and prosperity as a people.

This event will safely discharge over 50,000,000 "rounds" from firearms in the space of two hours without harm or injury to those taking part at any official shooting range around the country. This in itself will send a powerful message regarding firearm safety and responsible use by law abiding citizens.

So, on this Father's Day, and on every ensuing Father's Day, let us stand as father's for family and liberty. Let us stand with our wives, brothers, sisters, children, relatives and friends. Let us send 50 million rounds down range collectively at firing ranges all over this nation to demonstrate our resolve and the true meaning of our 2nd amendment rights."

The effort, which officially started on Tuesday, May 16th, had already garnered the support of a number of conservative web sites, gun shops, firing ranges, and conservative media outlets. For more information, please visit www.50mrmarch.com

-- William in WI (thetoebes@webtv.net), June 07, 2000


I'm with you! I'll probably kick off a couple of hundred rounds anyway. For you trepadacious (sp?) folks out there - go shooting! Good family fun, and all kids (save those of the Hollywood elite!) should know the fun of the shooting sports! Go have fun! GL!

-- Brad (homefixer@SacoRiver.net), June 07, 2000.

Okay, I have some old ammo and need to sight some rifles in, so what time frame do we blast in?

-- Doreen (livinginskin@yahoo.com), June 08, 2000.

I think this is great and we don't even own a gun, but I am sick and tired of the gun control laws they keep trying to enact. It is scary to think what could happen if society could not arm itself against a tyrannical government. I am against a lot of the laws that are enacted as a result of crimes committed by criminals. Instead of prosecuting the offenders, they enact more laws to punish law abiding citizens and let the criminal go free, who will disobey the new law as well. Let me know if you come up with tee shirts or bumper stickers as I wouldn't mind publicizing the event even if I don't shoot.

-- Colleen (pyramidgreatdanes@erols.com), June 12, 2000.

Our first event kicks off one week from today, on Father's Day. The excitement and growth of this effort to energize the gun owner community on behalf of the 2nd amendment continues to be astounding. Literally thousands of people have indicated a desire to not only participate, but to get many others in their area to also participate. The growth has been networking out and we have done over 15 radio talk show interviews all over the counrty in the last couple of weeks with 6-7 more planned for this week. As the word continues to get out and as this event catapaults us into the follow- on events, the prospect for this type of effort making a real difference in terms of arresting the infringement on our 2nd amendment rights, and ultimately rolling back the thousands of existing infringements, grows.

We want to remind everyone of the following with respect to the 50 Million Round March itself :

1) Shoot safely and responsibly.
2) Remember to send a message to your elected representatives by writing your letters, perhaps using the sample letter at the web site as a template.
3) Insure that any mementos sent in with your letters are tasteful and non-threatening.
4) Take some pictures and send them in (electronically) on the links at the main web site [www.50mrmarch.com], or at Sierra Times [www.sierratimes.com] when these options are up on the web sites later this week.
4) Plan to do this several more times each year (Independence Day, Thanksgiving, New Years and Presidents' Day) in order to keep the pressure up on our politicians and insure that the effort continues to grow.
5) If an "official" larger gathering is near you, and you so desire, please attend. If one isn't planned near you, there is still time to do so this week, or simply go as an individual or family and shoot wherever you normally do. Participation is only contingent upon shooting and mailing your letters.

Many individuals, gun stores, ranges and gun clubs have asked about T- Shirts for these events. We're happy to announce that OughtSix Wear has agreed to make T-Shirts for the events and we now have them linked on our main page at :


The T-shirts are available now and will continue to be available after Father's Day, while we start in on the Independence Day event. Just a couple of points about the T-shirts :

1) In order to receive a T-shirt by Father's Day, the order MUST be in to OughtSix Wear sometime on Monday before 11 PM MDT. Please use the elink on the web page. The Father's Day shirts will continue to be available after Father's Day
2) Wholesale orders are welcome from gun stores, ranges, clubs and other businesses, but require a minimum order of 12. Until the web site is updated for such orders, please email OughtSix Wear at gotammo@oughtsixwear.com regarding any inquiries in this matter.

We will have another official press release out this week to announce more endorsements and go forward plans.

Thanks to everyone who is helping make this effort a success and an opportunity to make a real difference regarding this most fundamental right for maintaining our liberty.


Jeff Head
Emmett, Idaho

-- William in WI (thetoebes@webtv.net), June 12, 2000.

I wish that whoever would stop coming up with new ways to place limits on my second amendment rights. I am up to 30+ guns, 10,000 rounds of ammo and my most recent purchase is a .50BMG rifle which costs $2.50 per round to shoot and deafens everyone within 1/2 mile. I believe in gun control. Control as many as you can by owning as many as you can buy! Does anyone know where I can buy 20MM ammo?

-- John and Pat James (jjames@n-jcenter.com), June 13, 2000.

With a collection like that, I think I would seriously consider reloading. The folks at http://www.bluepress.com have equipment to help make reloading cheap and painless. Then you can make as many of any caliber as you may wish. They have a free catalog that includes timely weapons reviews and political commentary that you can order online.

-- William in WI (thetoebes@webtv.net), June 14, 2000.

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