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I have a couple of questions concerning Seaboard's E unit fleet. First, when did they change from the Citrus paint scheme to the more austere mint green scheme? What's the difference between an E6, an E4 and an E3? The Seaboard had all the E4's ever built but they look just like the E3/6's. Complicating matters is the fact that I recall reading the E4's came out before the E3's! All these units had 2,000 horsepower, so can anyone clear this up for me please? Thanks. John Pasquariello (GRIZZLETOAD@AOL.COM)

-- John V. Pasquariello (GRIZZLETOAD@AOL.COM), June 06, 2000


Hi,I'm responding to the last post.PLEASE don't take this as a refute (I've already got my tail whupped about the West Point!ha,ha)There is a slide in my collection that shows an E-unit(seems like it's an E8) still in Citrus colors and the date is given as "1958". Maybe a typo? Wrong year?

-- Bud Leggett (, July 17, 2001.

The repainting was completed by 1954. As for the difference between the E-4 and the E-3 and 6's, was the pull out door compartment found on the E-4. Seaboard had the only ones and the class E-4-B units were just E-3-B's.

-- Larry Denton (, June 17, 2001.

Tom Alderman once told me SAL began repainting the "citrus" passenger units "mint" in 1954. I read an e-mail someplace that by 1960 or 1961 all the passenger units had been repainted.

-- David L. (Bud) Leggett (leggettd@dartnet.peachnet), June 09, 2001.

The question of the differences between E-3, E-4 and E-6? I am trying to research this. It is true that the E-4 units were manufactured before the E-3 units. But, I am not sure if there was a difference except for some internal mechanical details between the two units, or, between them and the E- 6. Some have stated that the difference between the E-4 and other units was the opening front door unit, but SAL E-6 units also had that option.

I do know that there were changes made in the method of transition and that the radiator fan shutters needed to be adjusted manually in these units-but what else? Maybe we need some retired EMD individual to write it up and issue a book. Anyone out there?

-- Michael W. Savchak (Savchak, June 12, 2000.

The 3rd quarter 1998 Lines South has a detailed article on SAL E4s. It is available for $5.00 plus 1.50 shipping, from us at PO Box 325, Valrico, FL 33595-0325.

-- Larry Goolsby (, June 07, 2000.

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