Have you had adventures in the Boston Airport?

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When I landed last Thursday, all the power was out in the airport, they all had flashlights up the walkway, when we got in it, after getting off the plane 45 minutes after sitting on the ground, when they found old stair for us so we could get off on the ground, then take mechanic's stairs up to the walkway.

Have odd adventures happened to you there?


-- lunesse (lunesse@lunesse.com), June 06, 2000


I most certainly DID! And had all four bbq sauces, and loved the vinegar ones, to be sure. I had arkansas ribs and some hush puppies and a few fries. and cider. It was so tasty and a great place, I am so glad Allison took me there! =)!


-- Lunesse (lunesse@lunesse.com), June 06, 2000.

Well, being a Boston resident, I use Logan airport all the time. When I flew back from Philadelphia a few weeks ago it was on one of those small 30-seat prop planes. Anyway, we landed and taxied to a spot NEAR the terminal (since these planes are too small to use the jetway.) A bus pulls up to the side of the plane, we all grab our luggage from the plane side check, and bundle on the the bus... only to be driven about 25 feet to the door! Gee thanks - I couldn't have handled that one on my own.

Driving through a darkened Big Dig to pick people up at a darkened airport is pretty thrilling too - I'm just sayin'.

-- Allison (not@onyourlife.com), June 06, 2000.

Welcome back, Luny! Sorry you missed out on your adventure on the T.

Logan Airport-- what with my having lived 9 years in Boston and that fact I still go back to visit like 1-2 times a year, I don't think I can count how many times I've been in that airport. But to answer your question, no, I haven't had any odd adventures there.

Last time I flew out of Logan, which was in March, just before I moved to CA, I was already on the Blue line train, running late for my flight, when I learned about the construction being done on the Blue line tracks-- which was why regular Blue line service was temporarily replaced with busses.

Don't know why I didn't see any announcements about the project when I rode the T upon my arrival that trip.

Anyway, did you eat at Redbones???? I love that place.

-- Michael (mwalsh@lynx.neu.edu), June 06, 2000.

Not the boston airport, but Hartsfield in Atlanta. Snow storm that closed the east coast down in '94. My boyfriend (now husband) had a n interview in Maryland, and was due back on ValueJet, and it was snowing like nobody's business (in Atlanta, it doesn't take much to shut the city down!), but the airport and the airlines all said things were fine and to come on. i get a page 10 minutes before he is suppose to land, and it was him saying that he was delayed but should be taking off before long. I parked in short term thinking I wouldn't be there long. After four and a half hours of "We should be taking off soon!", all flights out of Baltimore were cancelled. I didn't have enough money to get out of the parking deck (he was bringing cash with him, after all!!). They would not let me leave without paying. Didn't have the money to pay for a hotel room. After one meal ( and not a big one considering airport food prices), I was broke. Slept on the benches on Gate C24 that night. Waited on the C Concourse all day long the next day (missed work)and into that night. 30 hours total with almost no food, no shower, no toothbrush. Maybe that's why he decided to marry me?

-- tina kiker (tina@kiker.com), June 06, 2000.

This was about 8 years ago. I was flying to Boston on business. We had some turbulence but nothing major and everyone was pretty relaxed. The pilot lined the plane up and came in for the landing. The landing gear kind of crashed into the runway and we bounced up. Then we crashed down again and bounced up into the air. This must have happened 3 or 4 times before we were on the ground. Then we heard the engines reverse to brake but we were still moving pretty fast. Finally the plane slowed down. Everyone was sort of stunned and seemed to start breathing again all at once. Then the flight attendent came on and said "Now that the pilot is done attacking the runway I'd like to welcome you to Boston". Everyone just laughed hysterically. That was the worst landing I ever lived through! But I love Boston. Lobster - yum!

-- nubchai (sbose@ais.net), June 16, 2000.

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