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I just became the proud owner of a Brownie Flash Six-20. I don't collect cameras I can't use,and this one's lens is so cloudy and covered with fungus that I don't think that I will get any good photos without cleaning it. Has any one ever taken apart the lens of the six-20 and gotten it back together. Bob Gardner

-- Robert E. Gardner (, June 05, 2000


I have recently taken a target 620 apart and cleaned the lens and viewfinder. Did the same for an older brownie and a hawkeye. The target lens and the other brownie was pressed in from the inside and I used a Q-tip to press the lens out from the shutter side. Use very light pressure around the edges of the lens and be sure to catch the lens in a cloth as it falls out. The lens on both mine backed out easily but yours may be a tighter fit so dont try to force it too much. When you clean it be sure to re-install it carefully. Again dont use too much force when replacing the retainer ring. Look it over carefully before you remove it and note that the lens is convex on one side and concave on the other. Note which side is up on the retainer ring also. I would use a foam tip Q-tip as the cotton tip ones will leave cotton fibers in the wooden lens opening. Use the B lever setting so that the shutter will remain open for this operation. It is kinda difficult to hold the shutter lever down at the same time but it can be done....or you might try taping the shutter lever down to free up a hand. Just be gentle throughout the process. It worked great on my two! I also cleaned the viewfinder mirrors and lens and now all I need is some film...LOL.

-- Troy Spence (, July 03, 2000.

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