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Oon my site, I have started a SAVE ERIK petition to send to NBC. Could you please help me and many other Dr dave fans out by signing!!! PLease! The addy is Right under the opening pic is the link for the petition, or you can get to it by the MISC section. Thanks soooo much Angel

-- Angel Morton (, June 05, 2000


do we know yet if Dr. Dave is being "bobbed" or if Erik Palladino leaving to pursue the silver screen?

-- Linda (, June 05, 2000.

Angel, when you send the petition to NBC include the article you found this in just un case this is just a rumor which I hope it is.

-- Cammie (, June 06, 2000.

I think that Dave(also Erik.)is the one that keeps the E.R not so serious.He is the one that makes almost everybody smile.We cant lose him!!!!!I dont want him off!But i think he has a contract to 2002......But i really doesnt want Erik off!!!!!!!

-- Tine Pedersen (, August 17, 2001.

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