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I would apreciate any information about purchasing a small acreage in Berrien County Michigan. Climate, land costs, other homesteaders? Thanks!


-- Sure M. Hopeful (, June 05, 2000


We live in Saint Joseph Co. in Indiana, but Berrien is just across the state line from us. Michigan land is less expensive than anything in Indiana. You should be able to find some farm land there. The problem is that as you get closer to the lake the land becomes more expensive. I have heard the Chicago people are buying up alot of the farms and are beginnig to drive up the prices. Cass Co. is next to Berrien and prices for land seem to be more affordable. You didn't mention what type of employment you would need, but as you move farther away from Niles, Mi. and South Bend,In. land again is more affordable, but employment opportunities are less. We get lake effect snow here, which means the wind picks up moisture as it passes over the lake and dumps it in this area. Berrien and Cass have been hit hard some winters, while a few miles south we get hardly anything. I hope this helps, I suggest you visit the area and meet with some of the locale realtors, especially ones specializing in rural properties. Michigan seems to be more friendly to people who might want to homestead or build their own home. We met someone who built a strawbale home. It is not legal in Indiana in our area.

-- Ann Lynn (, June 06, 2000.

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