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So we've talked about what we eat when we get the munchies, but what about something to quench the thirst? What are your favourite liquids and beverages?

-- marilyn (, June 04, 2000


Like Cara, I'll answer my own question :)

Hands down the soft drink of choice is Sprite, with Pepsi running a close second.

Also: Ginger Ale, water, iced tea, cranberry juice.

-- marilyn (, June 04, 2000.

Dr. Pepper is my soda of choice.

I'm a big milk drinker. I love coffee with lots of cream and sweet & low. Sprite if I'm not in the mood for caffeine.

Tom Collins if it's going to have alcohol in it.

And my all time favorite beverage is the Caramel Frappacino at Starbucks. And since I've only ever been to Starbucks at airports, it is a rare treat.

-- Jackie (, June 04, 2000.

I'm addicted to Diet Coke. I love it so much. Nothing beats an ice cold can of Diet Coke on a hot day. I drink so much of it that I had to switch to the caffeine free version because I was getting all jittery. And yes, I know that nutrasweet will kill me, but I don't care.

Ack, my can is empty, must go get more...,

-- Cara (, June 04, 2000.

I grab a Squirt, if I'm really thirsty. Iced tea is nice with dinner. And if I am drinking, I prefer a Kahula & Creme (White Russian). A Tom Collins (Sweet), is second. Cream Sodas, orange.....guess I like the alternatives to cola. If I drink a cola, I prefer it somewhat room temp - if it's too cold, I find it hard to drink.

-- Planet Earth (, June 06, 2000.

I'm not too fond of the dark colas except for Dr. Pepper. I'm more likely to drink Seven-Up if i want something carbonated. Otherwise, during the day at work i've become quite addicted to Peach Iced Tea by Snapple. When it comes to alcohol, i usually have red wine in the evening, but my favorite is probably a bloody caesar.

-- Sherry (, June 06, 2000.

Something I thought about tonight.

Coke always tastes better out of a can. Dr. Pepper is better as a fountain drink. Sprite has to be in a bottle.

Milk is way tastier in a cardboard carton than it is a plastic one.

Orange juice? Made from concentrate and in a glass carafe.

-- Jackie (, June 06, 2000.

You can tell me about aspartame brain cancer.

You can tell me about what it does to my stomach lining.

You can tell me that it's all chemicals. All preservatives. That when I'm 50 years old, I'll be growing long, curly glowing orange hairs from my chin.

It will never, ever separate me from my Diet Pepsi. First thing in the morning. In the middle of the night. With every meal.

And only Diet Pepsi. I can't drink Diet Coke or Diet Rite or Diet Whatever the Fuck.

You'll all come visit me in the hospital when I'm dying of an inoperable brain tumor, yes?

As for the hard stuff, give me a gimlet in a martini glass when I want to be sexy. A sidecar when I want to be sophisticated. A bottle of woodchuck cider when I want to be a tough girl. It's all about the props and the 'tude.

-- Jen (, June 07, 2000.

Jackie: there's also coke in a can. I know people who swear by it.

Orange juice - too hard to make. But in a restaurant, fresh, served pulpy and foamy, in huge glass tumblers, is the best.

It's also four hundred dollars for a large.

Most places you go, you order a small OJ and they come out with a damp napkin and daub your lips with it.

-- Jen (, June 07, 2000.

For the caffinated drink: Iced Mocha, but only if it's done right. Not too much expresso, not too much chocolate. I actually gave up all sodas a year ago and so I allow myself the Iced Mocha to replace them. But before I dropped soda, I was a Diet Dr. Pepper drinker.

For alcoholic beverages: Hmm... I wish I liked something sophisticated like a Tom Collins :-) or even Gin and Tonic, but alas, I love an Amaretto Sour. Yum! If they didn't cost so dang much I could drink them all night.

-- Michelle (, June 07, 2000.

Jackie, you know what else only works in a can? Mountain Dew. I used to drink it like it was going out of style whenever i'd head down to the U.S. The first time i walked into a store here and saw some i was so excited that i bought three bottles on the spot. It tasted so watered down and blah.

Luckily Canada finally got around to selling canned Mountain Dew as well. Phew.

I find i really want to like martinis for the sophistication level but have yet to find one i like. And what's in a Tom Collins?

-- Sherry (, June 13, 2000.

A Tom Collins is gin, lemon, sugar and carbonated water.

A John Collins is the same but with vodka.


-- Jackie (, June 13, 2000.

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