What celebrities are you sick of?

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What celebrities are you sick of?--Al

-- Al Schroeder (al.schroeder@nashville.com), June 04, 2000


Kathie Lee Gifford. I so cannot stand the existance of that woman. Is there a possible way that we could ship her and Britney Spears off to another planet led by N'sync for the ultimate torture?

-- Meg (meghlcl@aol.com), June 05, 2000.

I have to agree with much of your post about Sarah Jessica Parker. She is over-exposed. i don't get HBO and don't want to. I guess it is unfair to judge an actress that I haven't seen, or don't recall seeing in anything. It is unfair to judge her by her appearance, yet she was selected for the part over other actresses. so, what does her appearance say? Go live in NYC and have sex with women that look like Sarah Jessica Parker? I guess the appeal is lost on me.

-- Joe Shedlock (joeshedlock@mindspring.com), June 05, 2000.


But as for stage/movie/music celebrities, I'll go with obnoxious talk show hosts--Ricki Lake, Roseanne, Maurie Povich, and Dr. Laura, for starters. If I only get one choice out of that list, I'll take Dr. Laura.

-- Bev Sykes (basykes@dcn.davis.ca.us), June 05, 2000.

Britney Spears. N'Sync. Dr. Laura. Ricki Lake. All exiled to another planet. What a WONDERFUL idea. Annoying-Earth, or something.---Al

-- Al Schroeder (aschroeder@comdata.com), June 05, 2000.

Sarah Jessica Parker. Definitely. But I am sick of her mostly because I honestly think she is a homely woman. She's way too thin. And has a very long face, and that nose. I mean, I don't think she's the ugliest creature in the world, but I don't understand how people make her out to be sexy. Sexy? Remember she was on that show back in the early 80's called, "Square Pegs"? I just don't get it. I guess if you're frank and open about sex and don't have any cellulite, then that means you're sexy, no matter what your face looks like.

Britney Spears. Of course. Enough!

Andie McDowell. Jennifer Lopez. "I'm worth it." Okay, okay. Enough!

I think Andie and Jennifer are gorgeous, but I'm tired of seeing them every 5 minutes on TV.

I'm starting to tire of Cameron Diaz and Julia Roberts too. And the biggest is probably Kathy Lee Gifford. I've never liked her. She may be a nice person, but she is so "fru-fru" and fake I retch.

Men? They don't annoy me as much. Oh, but Regis bugs me to no end.

-- Katie (missmermaid@hotmail.com), June 05, 2000.

I'd just like to say, I'm sick of people that are sick of Britney Spears.

Anyways, I too, am sick to death of Sarah Jessica Parker. I've been sick of her for as long as I can remember.

Plus, I've been sick of NSYNC since they first came out. And all the other boy bands. That's just what this world needs is all these damn boy bands...

-- Jen (winter@nyc.com), June 05, 2000.

I can't imagine being more sick of seeing an actor than I am of Ben Affleck. But then I never really did like him as an actor. There's just something about that guy that makes me want to...well, nevermind.

As far as The "Sex in the City" program, I do watch it. It's a televised version of a sydicated column that ran in a NYC newspaper for years (maybe still does) written by Candice Bushnell. I think it's supposed to be representative of the quintessential NYC thirty-something girl. I don't know about that, but the characters seem to reflect what it must be like to live in a spirit-numbing environment like that big city, trying to find a little true love among jaded and supposedly cosmopolitan males.

It's kind of depressing, actually. So it stands to reason that the HBO execs need to sell the T & A aspect to get viewers. Especially men.

It's not a bad show as sitcoms go. But it's certainly not for everyone.

-- Tee (Amejewel@yahoo.com), June 07, 2000.

Oh God help me I CANNOT TAKE ANY MORE of Sela Ward!!

-- Em (belovedem@aol.com), June 09, 2000.

Barb really LIKES Sela Ward, but that's because she loves ONCE AND AGAIN, and likes the idea of a plus-forty woman with kids---who's still sexy and who sleeps with Billy Campbell. Go figure. *Grin*

Come to think of it, I think she only likes Sela inasmuch as Sela is the fantasy surrogate for herself vis-a-vis Billy Campbell, who's the REAL attraction...

I have to admit those SPRINT ads saturate the TV. I like the actress, but I'm sick of the SPRINT ads.--Al

-- Al Schroeder (aschroeder@comdata.com), June 09, 2000.


-- anne black (anneblack@aol.com), June 10, 2000.

I think that Britney Spears, Angelina Jolie, and Jennifer Lopez are ugly. What's the big deal on J.Lo? Why is she getting so much publicity? I really don't think that her face has anything to do with it. (HER ASS!) It really isn't even that big. But, since I'm not a guy, I can't speak from a guy's point of view, so enough about J. ANGELINA JOLIE! My God what the F@*&#^! She has the most zombie like face I've ever seen! I'm tired of hearing about her and seeing her in every damn movie! She is ugly look at those lips! They look deformed! BRITNEY SPEARS! My God what a bow wow! At first she wasn't that bad, but boy, is she getting on my nerves. She's too funny lookin! I think all of the white girl bands are ugly. Christina, Jessica, Mandy, Britney....go back to the bottles of lucky candy where you came from! I'M OUT!

-- KELREN MASSEY (ptomlin@swbell.net), April 17, 2001.

Celebrities that annoy me bad: Cristina Aguilera (her face makes me sick), Gwyneth Paltrow (overrated actress), Ben Affleck (dork), Tori Spelling (horsey-fish), Sandra Bullock, OJ Simpson (liar), Cameron Diaz, Ally McBeal (scary), Madonna (whats up with the Kabbalah and her thinking she invented it? Im sure she has never even read the Talmud) Im sure there are others I just cant think of them right now.

-- sandra (sandra5674@hotmail.com), June 12, 2001.

Montel Williams, "the talk show host who cares." He pretends to care while presenting trash that exploits the pain of others. He also features Sylvia Brown, a "psychic," on many of his shows lately. Surely, Montel can't be that dumb. Could it be that he doesn't give a rat's ass if this woman's predictions can hurt those gullible enough to believe her.

What an asshole!

The guy has a huge and insatiable ego.

-- Tom Johnston (zoneIII@hotmail.com), January 01, 2002.

I laughed when I read the other posts here. I agree with them almost entirely. Angeline Jolie's lips!!!!! Every time I see her with that pouty look on those big, flappy lips, I almost gag.

-- Tom Johnston (zoneIII@hotmail.com), January 01, 2002.


-- ! (GURU@LLLMMM.HOT), May 14, 2002.

I'm so sick of: Julia Roberts..if you've seen one movie with her in it, then you've seen them all...very over rated actress...she also needs to back off the political stand, I'm sure she thinks because she won an oscar now, she can do anything..oh, and her reference to president Bush being an idiot...Julia (HORSE-FACED-GIGANTIC-MOUTHED, good for only catching flies, NO TALENT, NO CLASS) PRETENDER...who feels strong when she takes from others like a husband..he's just as bad (Don't you know she'll leave you, this is just a publicity stunt..attention getter / challenge for her)...go WASH yourself JULIA, i smell your stink from here! Britney Spears: Come on' now, have you really heard a live performance? She may be able to shake and grind and hump thin air on stage, but she sounds awful, even with all of the studio knobs. Wonderful, teach our children that a woman's abilities lay only with sexuality...you make me sick britney...all the women before us worked so hard and endured so much so that we may have the strength and freedom and be treated as people and not flesh / meat. Britney you are the decline and weakest link for women...CONGRATULATIONS!!! Madonna: Ok, maybe in the eighties changing your style around worked for you but it was always dealing with your sick sex adventures...the Ray of Light album...BARFFF..SUCKED...Give it up Madonna, you are just an old wannabe with the young scene, cause now you're getting old and dry with cob webbs and your loose and nasty and stinky, FAKE BRITISH ACCENT does not entice people anymore, it just turns us off...what used to work for you doesn't anymore..SORRY J-LO...or is it JELLO...How did this individual EVER get into movies...you're worse than Julia Roberts...Can someone please explain to me how this happened? J-LO, you're KIND OF NASTY...with your GHETTO BOOTY...girl, don't you know that will be all saggy when you get older...you'll have to buy shoes for your ass cheeks or suffer from road rash. George Clooney...He's not all that...uuuggghhh. Sarah Michelle Ghellar: Buffy is SO STUPID! BRAD & JENNIFER PIT: Nothing with them, I'm just SICK OF HEARING ABOUT THEM....Find some other celebs to talk about, Damn! The list goes on and on...oh yeah, Tom Cruise: What were you thinking Man, you left Nicole for Penelope...ok, let's think about that again you left Nicole for Penelope...I don't get it except maybe you just can't handle Nicole's success and independence lately, cause Penelope really looks SCARY...Like a Human KERMIT THE FROG...No, Seriously, Really Look at her, her neck is crooked, WEIRD, UFOish Anyways there's more, but I DO NOT HAVE FOREVER!!!

-- Skye Day (Marigolds_21@yahoo.com), June 15, 2002.

Will someonce please dropkick that stupid looking smile off Lance Bass's(Nsync)face...will pay handsomely,thankyou

-- John Smith (alrightdammit!2003@yahoo.com), December 05, 2002.

Ben/J-Lo and anything associated with Bennifer. I'm so sick of them already! And Britney Spears!! She's going out with four guys right now just to stay in the papers and b/c her career as a teen idol is over.

Christina Aguliera! She's looks so gross....

Tom Cruise: You turned 40, give it up. You officially went downhill when you ditched Nicole for Penelope Cruz. You had a great career, now retire!!!

Enimem: already saturating the airwaves just like Britney. I'm sick of his lyrics.

Reese Witherspoon: her voice is annoying, go to a coach to improve it or be gone.

Anna Nicole Smith: BARF!!!

Michael Schumacher: B/c he had ruined the Ferrari name and Formula One racing as a whole. He has brought the sport into disrepute ever since 1994. Retire to your home in Switzerland now!!!

And last but not least: Drew Barrymore, she's a drug-addicted skank!

-- Norman Iannarelli (normanci2@yahoo.com), February 05, 2003.

Kevin Costner. It seemed that we had finally rid ourselves of this menace, but now with this bullshit new cowboy movie, he will be redeemed. Thank God John Ritter is dead, however.

-- Lance Ash (mlanceash@alltel.net), September 12, 2003.

Britney Spears - give her a map to Tiffany and Debbie Gibson's house already.

Colin Farrell - what pub did this guy crawl out of and call himself a star? Does every movie have to have him in it? Not enticing me to the the-A-tor at all. Helen Hunt - Shhh, everyone stay real quiet and maybe Hollywood will once and for all forget about her. Thanks alot Helen for creating (or at least perpetuating) the lovely stereotype of the bitchy, know-it-all, naggy wife. Now every show has to have this same "wise" wife character crossing her arm and saying "I told you so" at the end of every episode. Boooring. Bring back some modern- day Mary Richards and Lucy Ricardos - funny ladies who had lots of insecurities but tons of courage too.

-- Dot (uly_5@hotmail.com), November 29, 2003.

paris hilton...oh my god, she is so ugly *barks*, she's got one of the worst bodies in the world. tell me why anyone would actually want to have sex with that beast, and then tape it??????? oh my god and she's dumb too....

jessica simpson...i have nothing to say except even though she's extremely cute she's stupid as all hell and i don't know why nick puts up with her

Justin Timberlake...what's with him trying to do this rap thing, i listened to the song senorita after banishing justin's music for years and i hear a bunch of rap sounding....CRAP....and i'm like you preppy piece of crap go back to Miami or whatever.

Eminem...we get it, you're homophobic, you're 30 something and you haven't grown up yet...go sit in your living room in front of a screen gain weight and grow hair on your stomach.

-- renae (chibichibi9168@hotmail.com), April 19, 2004.

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