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Sun Jun 4, 7:45 am

Separate train accidents kill 5 in Europe

Two people were killed in a train wreck in France. At least 13 others were injured.

Nine cars and the locomotive derailed about 20 kilometres south of Lyon.

The train was carrying about 250 passengers.

A French railway worker in the locomotive died in the crash. And one of the passengers suffered a heart attack.

Police are investigating the accident. They say a piece of scrap metal left on the tracks was the likely cause of the wreck.

Several weeks ago, parts of a wrecked car were thrown on the tracks in the area.

And there was a second deadly train accident in Europe.

At least three people were killed when two freight trains collided in northern Italy.

Two other people are feared dead inside the wreckage and one person has been taken to hospital.

Officials say it appears that one of the trains ran through a red light.

-- Rachel Gibson (, June 04, 2000

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