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I have an Arca Swiss Discovery that I'm quite happy using with one exception: the tripod block. It isn't very stable and it shifts slightly. I can't tighten it down enough. Has anyone else had this problem? Does anyone have any suggestions on either a remedy or a replacement solution? Thanks for the input.

-- Donald Brewster (, June 04, 2000



I just got a Discovery a couple of days ago and had the same problem. Mine came with the longer adjustable block that slides up and down the rail. It would twist when I would open the back to insert the holder. Foba makes an adaptor ($130.00) which will fit it exaclty but that in turn has to be attached to the tripod head resulting in the same problem. Screwing the tripid head plate to the block seemed like it would loosen over time not to mention scratching it up.

I ended up buying a spare aluminum quick release plate for my Bogen 3030 head. I removed the rubber and screw and machined a notch into it. The tripod block now resides snugly and firmly into the notch with ablolutely no twisting at all. It works great! To make the notch, I used my woodworking router mounted on a router table using a fence as a guide. Attached with a 1/2" carbide bit, (aluminum can be machined easlily- don't try this with steel, you will need a mill for this) I took several light passes until I got the notch wide enough and deep enough. The notch in the adapter plate is only a 1/16" deep but is plenty enough to hold the block firmly. The "c" clip that's attached to the screw that prevents it from falling out when unattached won't be able to be used afterwards but thats ok, just leave it mounted to your camera.

If this is beyond your skills or don't have the tools, instead try filing the notch with a simple file. Although machining it the way I described will make a much cleaner cut.



-- allan fontanilla (, June 04, 2000.

You probably have a standard tripod block, of which the down face is dovetailed to slip in an Arca-Swiss style quickrelease.

Original Arca Swiss Q/R or RRS, Kirk etc.. will do the job.

But some tripod blocks in the former low-end Arca line are square.

-- Dominique Cesari (, June 08, 2000.

Where is the shiftiness? is it in where the block grabs the rail or where the blocks meets the tripod or QR? have you contacted Arca about this problem (arca-

-- Ellis Vener (, June 08, 2000.

Yes, the shifting occurs where the block and the rail connect.

-- Donald Brewster (, June 10, 2000.

You might want to contact Rod at Photomark in Phoenix. I seem to recall he mentioned the problem and a possible solution.

-- Glenn C. Kroeger (, June 10, 2000.

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