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Hi! We are the process of starting a coffeehouse. I'd like to buy an espresso maker for my home so that I can learn (and hopefully perfect) espresso based drinks. Can anyone suggest what type I should buy? Thanks!!!

-- Amy Lees (, June 04, 2000


I you are using a home espresso machine to learn how to make espresso drinks, and then use that knowledge that you have gained at home, you will find that when you by the two units home and commercial espresso machine, they will not make the same product. in the same amount of time. , here is my suggestion, become friendly with the local barista at your local coffee house. This is just like wanting to open a bar, and thinking you have to buy all the liquors for you at home bar, .. Good luck in the coffee buisness... HINT: LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION!!!!!!!!!!!

-- Jason Watkins (, April 14, 2003.

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