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I recently damaged an internal part of the mechanism for one of the the back knobs (i.e. the knobs used to lock and unlock the back so that it can be moved) on my Linhof Technika V camera. I thought that ordering a replacement part would be simple but it turns out that when Linhof went from the Technika V to the Master Technika the internal mechanism by which the back knobs are operated was changed and I was told that the parts for the Technkia V knobs are no longer available. I've found a junk Linhof 2x3 camera (don't know yet whether it's a III, IV, or V but most likely a III) available and I've thought of purchasing it just so I can get the internal parts for one of the knobs and use them on my 4x5 Technika V. Does anyone know whether (1) the knob mechanisms are the same on the 2x3 cameras as on the 4x5 cameras, and (2) the knob mechanisms on the III and/or the IV are the same as on the V? I was told by Marflex that they "think" the IV and V are the same but they weren't sure of this and had no idea whether the III and V were the same. Note: it isn't the knob itself with which I'm concerned, it's an internal part that you don't see until the knob is removed from the camera. I know this is an oddball question but hopefully someone reading this has some experience with the internal mechanisms of these cameras. I should also add that I'm trying to have the damaged part repaired and/or fabricated but I don't know whether I'll be successful in finding someone who can do it or not so buying the 2x3 junker is a backup plan.

-- Brian Ellis (, June 04, 2000


Brian: I can't answer your question about what fits what, but the locking knob mechanism is not complicated. Any good machine shop should be able to fabricate the part. A second choice would be to take the part to a gunsmith with a good shop. They are used to fabricating parts. It might be possible to repair the part. You didn't state exactly what is damaged. Is it the shaft or is the threads stripped? Doug.

-- Doug Paramore (, June 04, 2000.

Wouldn't the official, factory trained service center be the best one to ask?

or have they already answered this and you are looking to fish an answer you want to hear?

No one has more expertise in this regard then marflex in the U.S. and very few, if any, have more experience anywhere else.

their number is 973 808-9626

-- Bob Salomon (, June 04, 2000.

Sorry Brian,

I missed your comment about Marflex.

-- Bob Salomon (, June 04, 2000.

Brian, I second the machine shop idea. I've had many parts made for both my monorail and field cameras by the local small parts machinist and, in many cases, it was cheaper that factory repairs, and certainly quicker. Find yourself a machinist who is used to making precision small parts, and, if he is good, establish a life-long relationship with him! A good "Feinmechanik" can make just about anything from metal or nylon from scratch. I'm fairly sure the price of having your part repaired or replaced by the machine shop will be less than purchasing a used camera you can't use and is sitting around in pieces. Regards, ;^D)

-- Doremus Scudder (, June 05, 2000.

A good machine shop will give you what you want, rather than what you ask for, so if you do go to a machinist make sure you describe the problem ("I want to fix this locking knob") and not your solution ("Make one of these according to my drawing"). They may also know if functional replacements are available for 23 cents each (try and will be able to help with materials selection (not all brass is brass). All of this means that a local shop you can talk to over a cup of coffee is often better than one a large distance off which is a bit cheaper - although Steve Grimes ( is a soon-to-be-canonised honourable exception.

-- Struan Gray (, June 06, 2000.

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