Louisiana mayor declares emergency

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Mooringsport's mayor declares emergency Source: Saturday State Times/Morning Advocate Publication date: 2000-06-03

MOORINGSPORT - Mooringsport's mayor has declared a state of emergency because the town's 1,000 residents are finding it hard to comply with an order to boil water. In addition, Mayor Douglas Elder will ask the Louisiana National Guard to help the town by bringing in tanks of drinking water.

On May 23, the state Department of Health and Hospitals issued a boil notice to this Caddo Parish town because of inadequate water treatment. Turbidity counts were eight times higher than the minimum standard, Elder said.

Residents Friday were being told to boil water for five minutes before drinking it or cooking with it because the water may contain harmful bacteria.

There had been no reports of anyone getting sick from the water, Elder said. Boiling water is inconvenient, however, and some people may not be bothering to do it, Elder said. "I'm not sure if everybody is taking this as seriously as they should," he said.

The town plans to upgrade its water filter system, Elder said


-- Martin Thompson (mthom1927@aol.com), June 04, 2000


Stories, one after another, of a lack of cool, clear, pure water. Be it drinking water, or water from the sky to extinguish the earthly fires. Or waters that flood and kill. Water, cool, clear water. My Heavenly Father, I pray for just the right amount, for each area. Can I pray for all of us? I ask you this simple thing.

-- Ye said all I had (todowas@ask.com), June 04, 2000.

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