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Just some comments from Friday's TNT rerun - I LOVED the karaoke scene with Carter, Dr. Anspaugh, and the Japanese doctor. I wish they would do more little humorous scenes like that in the future.

And when Abby Keaton was fixing Carter's bloody nose, why in the world did he have that string hanging down from the tissue that was in his nose? That was too funny! Anyway, now I can understand why Carter did not like it when Dale started going out with Lucy in Season 5. He sure was a prick! (did I spell that right?)

-- Melanie (, June 03, 2000


i must agree that the karaoke scene was a great comic relief scene. i was laughing so hard (even though i've seen it before, it was still so funny).

and i didn't notice the string, but maybe someone has an explanation of what it was.

-- Marcia (, June 03, 2000.

The string was so that you could pull the cotton out of the nose when you're done examining it. If this was funny to you, it would be even more funny if the cotton got stuck up Carter's nose and they had to get forceps to get it out.. hehe:)

-- samira (, June 03, 2000.

I was laughing at the karaoke scene, but I was disgusted when Abby lunged for Carter with the string hanging out his nose. That was too much for us to believe she thought him attractive at that moment.

-- AmyE (, June 04, 2000.

I had laser sinus surgery a few years ago and also had the silly string hanging out my nostril for about four hours, except the doctor taped mine to the side of my nose. How attractive. A friend came over with my pain med and to help me pull what we called the mini tampon out (and the other packing it was holding in as well). In the end we laughed more than you'd believe trying to get it all out. I can't imagine kissing someone with the string (and tampon) in my nose! It was indeed a funny scene, Carter's that is.

-- Diana (, June 04, 2000.

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