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Ok guys, there is an article on the net that says Erik Palladino is leaving the show. Is this true, I thought that he signed for 4 years? Anyways, here is the acrticle site addy Please let me know what you think. Angel

-- Angel Morton (, June 03, 2000


WHAT!!! NO!!!! Please tell me this isn' true! Why? When? If he leaves then the only one left will be Carter.

-- cammie (, June 03, 2000.

Okay. I read it and I don't believe this! I think everyone should respond by writing to ER and telling them that doing this would be REALLY bad!

-- Cammie (, June 03, 2000.

I say we start some kind of petition. Just as his charcter shows some life, they cut him? Damn, Fich should have been gone the moment she first arrived! (sorry if that offends) That girl is one emotion all the time....pissy. WHY DAVE!!!

-- Angel Morton (, June 03, 2000.

I agree! I'm so P.o'd right now I could scream!

-- Cammie (, June 03, 2000.

Angel, put this article on Yahoo! clubs in the ER club. Sorry I keep responding. I just thought of that. Maybe that way more people will write in!

-- cammie (, June 03, 2000.

Well, if it is true, it's a bit of a surprise. But remember, Sheery Stringfield left before her contract expired. She had to stay off TV for a couple of years as a result, but she still got out of her contract, so they are not quite set in stone. Maybe Erik wants to pursue his movie career. I agree that there are others who deserve the axe more--Cleo, Abby, Chen...I could live without any or all of them. I'm not heartbroken as some of you are, though, at the thought of Dave quitting. He doesn't really do much for me, other than comic relief.

-- Cecelia (, June 03, 2000.

Well, the article only said "Dr. Dave is the next character said to be leaving the show." But said by who, exactly? He didn't quote a source. I also thought he had signed a four-year contract and it would seem odd for him to leave after only one year. I do wish Cleo or Deb would leave. They both seem like dead weight.

His article made very good points, but I did not agree with his assessment of this season. I actually thought Season 6 was MUCH better than Season 5! And I had heard that ER's ratings in the USA had declined over the last couple of years. I think it was like 3%. I think I read it in Entertainment Weekly or someplace. So those figures he cited must be in Canada.

-- Melanie (, June 03, 2000.

The figures are Canadian, CTV is a nationwide station throughout Canada.

-- Anna (, June 04, 2000.

I really don't think Erik Palladino is leaving the show. I'd like to know who her source for that was. It's only a little blib, possibly not even true. If I read this or saw it somewhere else I'd be a little more convinced.

-- chris (, June 04, 2000.

That would be a bad idea if he leaves. I guess if it is his decision, it is his decision, but he is an improvement to the show and I will be pretty disappointed if he is not there next season, or if he leaves anytime soon.

-- Elaine (, June 04, 2000.

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