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I was just thinking that since noone mentioned Carol in the last episode I thought it would be interesting to see what would happen if she sent aletter to the staff at ER. What do you think it would say? I think it would say this: Dear Friends, I'm sorry I left without saying goodbye to you. I am now in Seattle with Doug and couldn't be happier. Tess and Kate are doing great. I want to say a few things to some people. Luka, I'm sorry for leading you on like that. I was confused and I didn't know what to do. Mark, I will never forget you or how you helped me durin the birth of my kids. Kerry, thanks for everything and sorry I ignored your orders even though I feel I was right. Carter, I hear you've lost it. I'm sorry I was more supportive. I don't know what I was thinking comparing my life changes to yours. As for Lucy I'm sorry I never got to know her. As for my comment about us being short a couple of people I was shocked at the time. There was no excuse for what I did. Thanks to Liz for being a good friend. Ramano, stop being such an ass! Well I have to go now. I'll miss you all very much and I'll stay in touch. Bye Love, Carol Hathaway

If you want to write one by her go for it. What would she say in the letter? Have fun with this one!

-- Cammie (, June 03, 2000


I forgot to add some one else to the letter. And Abby, quit trying to act and be like Lucy. You're not her and you'll never be her. There was only one Lucy Knight. Sadly she's gone but we don't want her replaced.

-- Cammie (, June 03, 2000.

Dear Carol, Hi! It's me, Lucy! Thanks for the nice things you said about me. I forgave you for not being so sensitive when I died. I miss everyone so much! Hey, tell Carter that I love him very much. Your Friend, Lucy Knight

-- Stephanie (, June 03, 2000.

re: "Tess and Kate are doing great" (hey, that rhymes!)

Aren't they technically still at Carol's mom's house in Chicago? I know they wouldn't have put JM in the last episode just for that tiny bit of continuity, but still... kind of funny to think about.

-- Julia (, June 03, 2000.

Okay, good point. I meant they get a letter a few weeks later. You can say what the peoples resposes to the letter is if you want to.

-- Cammie (, June 03, 2000.

Actually I wrote a letter from Carol to County a few days later. If you'd like to read it, it's on my ERFic page. Check it out. Thanks.

-- Jen (, June 06, 2000.

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