FAA Action To Cause Alaska Airlines To Shut Down?

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06/02/00- Updated 02:00 PM ET

FAA questions Alaska Airlines authority

WASHINGTON - Federal regulators proposed Friday to strip Alaska Airlines of its authority to do heavy maintenance on its aircraft, a step that could lead to shutting down the airline.

The Federal Aviation Administration said a close inspection of Alaska Airlines uncovered serious problems in its ability to document completion of work at its heavy-maintenance facilities. Nick Lacey, director of the FAA's Flight Standards Service, said he has given the airline seven days to respond to the agency and show the steps it has taken to avoid losing maintenance authority.

If that response is inadequate, Lacey said, he could suspend that authority in 30 days. An intense FAA inspection of the airline began after the crash Jan. 31 of Alaska Airlines Flight 261 in the Pacific Ocean off Los Angeles, which killed all 88 aboard.

-- JC (*@*.*), June 02, 2000


You know what is dis-heartening about this to me is Alaska Airlines has been under the watchful eye of the FAA since Jan.31 and the FAA is just now getting to this? Makes me real glad that Govt. watchdog group is looking out for my saftey.

-- Swampthing (in@the.swamp), June 02, 2000.

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