update on possums and chickens

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Good news. A few weeks ago, I was loosing new chickens to a possum. We managed to baracade the pen and had no more losses to the possum. (lost some to a vadalizing child, tore huge holes in the wire of the pen and some escaped) This morning my son took me outside to his bus stop. Said possum had been hit by a car. Wonderful! Maybe now we can replace the chickens we lost. annette

-- annette (j_a_henry@yahoo.com), June 02, 2000


Hopefully you will get all your chickens successfully replaced and will have no more varmaint problems!!! We are just finishing our chicken enclosure so trying to make it "outside critter proof" but I think that is next to impossible. It kind of helps that our dog pen is nearby and they bark like crazy when a deer comes buy and they go nuts when other smaller animals appear!!! Good luck.

-- Suzy in 'Bama (slgt@yahoo.com), June 02, 2000.

sorry possums are like roaches if you see one theirs a hole lot more !!!

-- shaun&terri (shaun-terri@juno.con), June 02, 2000.

I had possums getting my eggs. I caught one and killed it but that was just the start I had to put traps out and when it was over i had caught 15 that's 15 of those stinking garbage dumps.

-- Gary (rgmattox@yahoo.com), June 05, 2000.

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