UPDATE - Glitch Mars Perodua E-Auction

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Glitch Mars Perodua E-Auction

Source: The Malay Mail Publication date: 2000-06-02

INTERNET bidding for a Perodua Kenari, through the Perodua website, hit a snag - it was not accessible through the popular Netscape browser for nearly the whole day.

Technical people at the car company's IT department, however, managed to fix the problem by late yesterday evening.

Apparently, the link on the hypertext marked up language (HTML), a computer code used to write the homepage, was for the Explorer browser. It was not compatible with Netscape.

An official said that only those who had used the Microsoft Explorer browser could access the site.

"We did not detect the problem until the homepage was running live," said the official.

It was learnt that the company found out about the problem three hours after they launched the e-auction.

The 1,000cc Perodua Kenari will be launched on June 14 by the Prime Minister.

The vehicle has been put up for an e-auction on a Malaysian auction site.

Only bits and pieces of a jigsaw puzzle of the car is being displayed on the www.perodua.com.my/kenari website.

The reserve price for the car is RM40,000.

Money collected from the sale of the car will be handed to Bakti and subsequently donated to various charities.

The highest bidder will take delivery of this car at the launching ceremony from the Prime Minister himself.

As of 7pm yesterday, there were 26 bidders. The highest price bid for the automatic car was at RM56,000.



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