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SIFF Films so far seen by me: Keep the river on your right: a modern tale of cannabalism kick ass documentary on tobias scheenbaum (sp?) where a good man goes Billed as Honk Kong film nior; Was romantic comedy with some random honk kong style beatings Shiri Korean action film, biggest box office success in korea. Female assasin and the men who chase her. Nothing like La femme nakita or ghost in a shell. More like....well, any number of shitty american action movies starring somebody like michael dudikoff.

Finally on Fri I'll be going to Groove at which the director is said to be present, also there are shorts (of the cinematic variety) that I wish to see and shorts (of the boxer variety) I wish to avoid.

Anybody down?

PS special prize for the correct answer to the actor who played Chad Gates (IMDB is cheating)

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-- Chad Gates (, June 01, 2000

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