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I'm selling my collection of virtual pets and most are new in package. Some are the Tamagotchi, Tamagotchi Angel, Godzilla, Giga Pet Rancor, Giga Pet Floppy Frog, Necotcha, etc. E-mail me or reply if interested. Asking only 5.00 each plus s/h. =D

-- Becky G (, June 01, 2000


Whats your top choices for non-Tomagotchis? Liek the godzilla ones, ect....

-- Stuart B (, June 12, 2000.

Well.... I'd say the Godzilla is awesome because you can link it together with another godzilla and fight(also play against itself if you dont have two) and the Nekotcha is a very different Virtual Pet. It even dates other cats! I dont really like Gigas since you know what the pet will grow up into.

-- Becky G (, June 12, 2000.

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