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What does infrared film look like without filtration? Some people have told me it looks like Technical Pan, with extra speed and obviously bigger grain. I would like to remain 'filter-free' (for religious reasons...just kidding :0~) for a while, and I wonder if this would interfere with me experimenting with IR film for fun. Sorry for such a pathetic question.

-- shawn (, June 01, 2000


You will lose a lot of the cool infrared effects, not because they are not recording, but because the rest of the spectrum is recording too. Basically it will look like any run of the mill extended red sensitivity film (like tech-pan and sfx200). What is your objection to filters these days?

-- Fritz M. Brown (, June 01, 2000.

Thanks Fritz. It sounds like it will actually do what I want without the filters.

ps no real aversion, I'm just on this 'simple and honest as possible' kick, which will pass I hope. I'm so used to TechPan, that this seems like a good real-world idea when I can't get EI16 with available light...I'm gonna try it.

Ugh: here's one of those terrible questions: what's the best IR to start with for someone who loves Technical Pan? Don't answer if it's as retarded a question as it sounds...and I'll just start with Kodak and PMK...

-- shawn (, June 01, 2000.

Why not try Ilford SFX film? It has extended red sensitivity, that is more near infrared than true infrared, and you don't have to load your camera in total darkness with it.

Or, if you want a little infrared, try the Konica IR film.

-- Charlie Strack (, June 01, 2000.

I like extended red B&W films... but HIE is just too expensive to use that way if SFX200 is around. Smaller grain and similar spectral response.

TCN400 has "extended red sensitivity" and it's my personal choice if I do portraits in B&W (or TMZ). Not for a sharpness fanatic, but as sharp as your other non-TP options.

Additionally, I think extended red films are truer to the way I see saturation in natural light.

-- John O'Connell (, June 01, 2000.

I posted a link to a picture taken with Konica IR750 with no filter a while back.. search the archives (always wanted to say that! hehe!) If you don't find it, I'll repost the link. Ok, that's too much trouble, here it is http://www. It might be a little dark due to a gamma problem I had went scanning (and I haven't got around to fixing it) copy to image program and boost the brightness a bit... then delete it :)

-- Nigel Smith (, June 02, 2000.

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