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Hey, staff, it's June. Didn't you get my memo? Each staff member is required to write a review of the work of every staff member with whom you have worked. (That includes doctors, nurses, clerks, etc.) Start with the name of the person you are reviewing. Be specific about the work you have seen them do, and your opinion of the quality of that work. Sign it with your own name. Remember, when I write my review of your work, I will evaluate your reviews of other staff members. So be fair and complete, and turn them in on time.

-- Robert "Rocket" Romano (, June 01, 2000


Since you weren't specific about reviewing only ER personnell, here's my review of Super Nurse Frank from ICU:

Frank is an extraordinary man, ehm, nurse. He pitches in to help wherever and whenever needed. Even when he's not scheduled or when he's not feeling well. His fine physique is most helpful when dealing with altered patients. He is very stimulating to look at, I mean talk to, as his knowledge of his job is very satisfactory. He is a joy to work with and makes my job much easier. He's kind and gentle with patients, especially the elderly and doesn't talk down when they don't understand.

He would be a tremendous asset to the ER and I would love to work him daily, I mean work WITH him daily.

-- Dr. Chen (, June 01, 2000.

Cleo, is... well, a self righteous b*****, who has used her personal relationship with Peter to undermine hospital regulations. Her bedside manner is terrible. I mean, does she ever smile? And know, I'm not jealous, but just ask around. Try and find anyone who likes Cleo. I'm not actually quite sure, why she's even hanging around anymore. I wish she would go away. Oh, and Peter - you date this woman??? I bet she's just sooooo interesting to talk too. Side note: she has terrible, terrible table manners.

Elizabeth Corday

-- kitcat (, June 01, 2000.

Abby has turned into Lucy. She's doing every thing Lucy did. She said she wanted a change. Well she has changed into Lucy. We're still morning her death and Abby isn't helping at all by doing exactly what she did! From: Dr.Dave

-- Cammie (, June 01, 2000.

well elizabeth you are rather moody today, almost as moody as i was at thanksgiving! i just want to protect my dad, not that you dont do a good job of that already! im sorry if i was such a brat, i was raised that way! its my parents fault. i am now more mature , i think, i want to get to know you better...ok?

rachel greene i was moody@liz's house during

-- rachel (, June 01, 2000.

Well, Abby sure does need help. Now all the staff knows that I am NOT a good teacher so why did they have to stick her with me. Maybe she should be Carter's med student when he comes back. I mean, Abby's hot and all, but I can't teach her banything but to call Dr. Weaver "Chief". Dr. Romano please move her! --Dave Malucci

-- Stephanie (, June 03, 2000.

All of our docs, residents, and students are doing very well. The nurses are perfect, although we will a new Charge. Though there have been a few personality conflicts and scre- I mean difficulties, these may be attributed to overcrowding. So I offer the suggestion of either expanding the ER dept. so we're not tripping over eachother, or pumping in chamomile essential oil. Dr Weaver concurs (I thought of it first.) I also propose that a second associate chief of surgery be retained to ease the burden of the present one. Mark Greene. Ps. Robert, Dr Carter is taking a leave of absence in Peru, to research rainforest flora and their possible medicinal uses. Yes, medicinal, that's it. MG

-- May (, June 20, 2000.

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