Who me, a Leader? How'd That Happen?

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Here I am, I have to lead this discussion, I have to be clever in a completely different way than I have to be clever every day in my journal, it's a position that I put myself in willingly, but I'm afraid of asking stupid or banal questions. How good are you at leading or being in charge of a new situation?

-- Kymm (hedgehog@hedgehog.net), June 01, 2000


First to post, ever, in Kymm's forum! Woohooo!!

How do I lead? I scream like a banshee at everyone, and then buy them expensive presents afterwards. Oh wait, that is Oprah, not me.

-- Kristin Thomas (kristin@sperare.com), June 01, 2000.

Oh, god, this seems to happen to me all the time. I don't consider myself a leader, at all, but people keep asking me to take charge of this or that.

So, I just do.
Really, my biggest problem is discipline (as in disciplining others), which is how I knew I never, ever wanted to be a teacher. I never thought it would be a problem with adults, but it turns out that it is.

Anyway, Kymm, I dont' think you have that problem. And this is a forum, anyway, where it's much easier to tell other people to shut up than it is in person. And if it really gets to be a problem, you can just call on Beth to come over here and ride people's ass: she's really good at that.

Damn, I just realized this is my second post to this forum in one day. A record for me. Please don't tell me I'm getting sucked into the whole forum-poster thing--I can't!

-- Dawn Gilpin (amgraffiti@superplin.com), June 01, 2000.

If you find yourself getting nervous as the leader of a group of people and your aim is to garnish even a modicum of respect, I've learned -- the hard way -- that it's best not to vomit in front of them.

-- dora (dora@wordsdiminish.com), June 01, 2000.

I pretend I know what's going on, and people seem to believe me and follow my lead. If only they knew I was just as confused as they. . .

-- Saundra (scrnwrtr1@home.com), June 01, 2000.

Close my eyes and forge blindly ahead.

-- Renee (justme@justme.org), June 01, 2000.

Ask for suggestions from the group, and then say, "That's a splendid idea, I'm glad I thought of it!"

You'll do fine.

Al of .

-- Al Schroeder (
al.schroeder@nashville.com), June 01, 2000.

* Fake it, baby!!! *

-- roe (metrocake@yahoo.com), June 01, 2000.

Am I the first to post from downunder? Does that make me a leader? ;-) I agree with everyone else. (dontcha *hate* those kinds of posts?). Just sound confident, use lots of big words and obscure terms, and everyone will think that you're obviously the person in the know. Well, it works for me!

Congrats on the forum!

Regards, Jacq

-- jacqueline (admin@anv.com.au), June 01, 2000.

So let me get this straight, Kymm... You, the Queen of Open Pages, theater director extraordinaire, are worried about being a LEADER?

Oh, I don't buy that. :)

Actually, I'm facing a "why am I putting myself in charge?" situation right now, since I'm gearing up to do another "written, produced and directed by me" show. It's nerve-wracking, especially the directing part, since I'm entirely unused to people looking to me for artistic direction.

It should be more fun than the first or second times, when I really felt like an impostor. But I still feel a bit like I'm conning people when I act all director-like.

-- Patrick (xingcat@yahoo.com), June 01, 2000.

Panic, hold my breath and jump in with both feet.

-- Kel (jellybean@dsl.telocity.com), June 01, 2000.

O, I'm a leader because people follow and because I've been around forever, which is a whole different ball of wax than being a leader because one LEADS. And a discussion leader? I either do a monologue or I lurk, that's me.

Thanks, everyone, for showing up on my first full day!

-- Kymm (kymmz1@yahoo.com), June 01, 2000.

I can't help you, because I'm not a leader in the slightest. I'm a follower, through and through. Tell me what to do, and I'll do it, but I can't come up with the ideas myself.


-- Robyn (robyn@hiwaay.net), June 03, 2000.

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