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Remember SPY magazine? Remember "Seperated at Birth"? A lot of On-Line Journallers have their own pictures up on their sites? Do any of them...remind you of anyone?

Does Em remind you of Shelly Duval playing Olive Oyl in POPEYE? Does Rob remind you of a young Elton John? Does that idiot Al Schroeder remind you of Rick Moranis with a beard?

Oh, that's me. Nevermind.

ANYWAY...if any On-Line Journaller reminds you of anyone's the place to tell the world who Dave Van or Kymm REALLY remind you of, who they look like?---Al

-- Al Schroeder (, May 31, 2000


I think Dave Van looks like the lead singer of that old band "The Knack". Uncanny resemblance, methinks.

-- Katie (, June 01, 2000.

Good grief,'re RIGHT! I was trying to think who he reminded me of, and I knew he reminded me of SOMEONE...--Al

PS. Turnabout's Fair Play, Dave. Feel free to say anyone you think you resemble more...or who Katie or myself resemble.

-- Al Schroeder (, June 01, 2000.

I just went to Dave Van's site and couldn't find a link to any pictures or anything.

Did I miss it?


-- Angie H (, June 01, 2000.


Dave Van used to have pictures on his website.

-- Katie (, June 02, 2000.

Unfortunately people from the child-free group started a number of hate sites, some even including doctored pictures from my site. Now I'm reluctant to put up pics including myself or my family.

I'm thinking of pulling the plug on my whole journal, actually. They're still going at it in that newsgroup and sending me hate mail, even though I don't even have a mail link any more. It sucks.

For example.

(Not sure how long this link will work.)

(I don't think I look much like Doug...)

-- Dave Van (, June 02, 2000.

Sorry Dave--- I completely understand you not wanting to inflame the ignorami. Hope my joking "seperated at birth" doesn't get them started again. As you were. (PS, I think you look a LOT like Katie's pick, but I think Cheryl got the slightly better deal of the two. But I'm hardly a good judge of how a guy looks.)--Al.

-- Al Schroeder (, June 02, 2000.

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