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At one time I had a recipe for making shampoo but cannot remember where I got it. Seems like it was in one of the country magazines. Does anyone remember it? I know it was make with nettle and ,I think, olive oil soap called Kiss my face which I bought at the health food store. That is all I can remember. Faye.

-- Faye (, May 31, 2000


dear faye, i am a homecrafter of soap,lotion,shampoo,bubble bath and all sorts of body scrubs,after bath sprays and lip balms. am hoping soon for fiance' and self to go online selling and expand local clientelle. you didn't mention if you are an experienced soaper or not,there are a lot of things one must know before embarking on such an, i am going to assume that you are of higher intelligence than most modern women,simply because you are a fellow "countrysider" and i believe we are a special breed!!!! i think the best info. i can give you is to start with and try some of the soap crafters sites such as and (this one takes some manuvering but well worth it) .here you can chat or e-mail other soapers and find all you need.good luck,and let me know how it turns can email me if you would be nice to have a fellow soaper that also had same love for country life for e-pal. lori

-- LORI CATHEY (, June 01, 2000.

You might want to look up http:/

-- Chris Stogdill (, June 01, 2000.

Dear Lori Cathey,

I just wanted to say you've got some kind of attitude about "most modern women". I have found that in general, we women, of whatever culture or economic strata or line of work or environment, have way more in common with each other than not. And I have also found that each and every person is a treasure chest, if you only ask the right questions. Everybody knows something, has gems of experience - if you only know how to look. I guess horses are a lot higher in your part of the countryside.

-- snoozy (, June 01, 2000.

snoozy, I love that quote every person is a treasure chest if you only ask the right going to added it to my quote collection.thanks.

-- kathy h (, June 01, 2000.

the finest soap in the world can be growen in your garden.


used on the rarest of laces and frabics in museums, it one of the gentlest soaps that can be found :) can be used for shampoo, bath, laundry.

Very easy to grow, sew seeds, water, wait for plant to grow, cut, dry, boil strain, bottle :) can't get any better or easier then that! and pretty pink flowers too! reseeds

-- Ima Gardener (, June 01, 2000.

snoozy....ah yes....

-- sheepish (, June 01, 2000.

Baking soda makes a fine shampoo for time when you have to wash your hair with very little water. It won't make the water soapy and it rinses clean. It blends with the oils in your hair and causes mild saponification, which makes soap of course. This is really handy when water is at a premium. I've thought about blending it with crushed herbs for scent.

Little Bit Farm

-- Little bit Farm (, June 03, 2000.

You may add a strong herb infusion to the soapwort, then strain and bottle. If you'r in the southwest, yucca root may replace the soapwort. It doesn't take any SUPREME amount of intelligence to boil some leaves or ground roots, boil some herbs, strain it, and wash your hair with it, so I think any person who reads this will certainly be able to manage. You'll do fine!

-- Jill (, June 07, 2000.

Gee whizz!!! I certainly didn't intend to offend anyone,was intended as a bit of humor.Guess I'll have to watch what I say in the future. But as for the remark about other women being as intelligent.....this is certainly true...everyone is a treasure....but I was referring to the "city " women that I know. Most of these women are lost as soon as their feet hit the dirt!!I grew up in Dallas and a lot of the women are...shall we say "pampered". I'm just glad I am in the country and able to handle pretty much whatever comes along.I think Hank Jr. said it best; "Country folks can survive" Best to all!

-- LORI CATHEY (, June 10, 2000.

well i was going to add my 2 cents, but all i had was soapwort. lol wonderful plant, wonderful soap. i make simple herbal soaps by melting down ivory or a good glycerine bar and infusing it with which ever herb i'm working with. i also add clay from the back feild when needed. i do "make" soap too but the ivory or gylcerine way is much quicker and easier and a lot less expensive than kiss my face, which is a good soap. many blessings all and very good words snoozy.

-- juli in the ozark mountains (, September 11, 2000.

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