what is solarization

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i am studying photography in year11 I need to know about solarization i hope i am at the right place

-- lucy joanne marczyyk (ljm__@hotmail.com), May 31, 2000


Solarization is a darkroom technique.

To make a standard print, one exposes the paper, and then develops, stops, and fixes the paper.

To solarize the print, turn on the white light midway through the development (for example: if you leave the print in the developer for 1 minute, at the 30 second mark turn on the light and then turn it off again).

This brief exposure to light produces the "Sabattier effect", where the edges of tone areas are highlighted, but the areas themselves all approach the same tonal value.

Man Ray was fond of this abuse of photographic materials.

I am not - I have never found a subject that fit with solarization.

-- William (spqr@linuxstart.com), June 01, 2000.

Man Ray is infamous for this and the Rayograph technique. It was his speciality and was know for rearranging what was a simple technique into a distorted yet affective pattern of work. I am studying Man Ray for a Alevel project and find his work interesting. I think he should be reconised for inventing his "Rayographs". It is a style unique in its own!

-- Linda Gregory (cherishedstalemate@hotmail.com), April 01, 2001.

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