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I dont want to pry into Billy's buisness and Im sorry if it offends any one that Im asking about his sexual preference but I red on a movie web site that he had a fiance named Erika something that played the girl in the beverly hillbilies... anyways I still want calrification lol

-- Crissie (, May 31, 2000


To answer your question...

Billy's sexuality has been discussed , but it is not the focus of this message board, and I know that he finds it irritating that people want to hash it out here. This board was designed to let people who want to discuss Billy's career have a place come together and share their thoughts. In any case, for any new members of Billy's fan club or any new posters, Billy and Erika are old news. They were together, but ended their relationship almost three years ago. They remain friends.

-- Laura (, June 02, 2000.

Re:To Answer You Question

I belive that I made it quite clear that I was a YOUNG and NEW fan. I admire Billy's acting skills and had no intentions for taking away from that focus. I'm sorry for asking if it offended you, anyone else on this site, and especially Billy. I can see evryone's point as to why its not even important. Also, I did not know that Erika was old news. I went to a site quite recently and it mentioned her so naturally I asked.

-- Crissie (, June 03, 2000.

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