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Was watching the TNT ep last night and noticed the really interesting relationships with Carter, Benton and Dr. Abby Keaton. I know that Carter gets involved with her romantically later on... but it was funny here... Benton trying to impress her, Carter trying to be on Benton's good side, and Keaton starting to take a shine to Carter. LOL. Kind of a funny vicious circle of unrequited attention seeking. Could we call it a love triangle? Not really but still...

-- debbie (, May 31, 2000


Unrequited attention seeking! What a great it! LOL.

-- Diana (, May 31, 2000.

I agree! I think it is very funny because Carter is trying to make Benton look good but he is the one who keeps coming out on top!

-- Stephanie (, May 31, 2000.

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